I offer five key services to support you and your horses, locally, in Wiltshire; internationally through distance sessions, and with a program of holistic equine courses to be announced in the fall. 

Equine Holistic Yard Visits.
I bring a holistic approach to your horse yard and work to improve the health balance of your horse(s). Working with horses with specific conditions (Laminitis, Cushing’s, etc), I use herbs, essential oils, floral essences, the powerful techniques of Kinesiology, Reiki, and tone and sound.

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Image of holistic distance sessions

Distance Holistic Sessions for Horses and People.
Using Reiki and other holistic approaches, I work with horses and people from all over the UK, in Europe and the USA. We can do amazing work at distance, something that is not widely appreciated. If you are far from a vet or your practitioner, distance sessions are economic and very practical too.

Karuna Reiki Horse Healing Circle. 
I have been holding Reiki Circles for many years. Currently approaching our Tenth Circle, these Circles offer regular Reiki distance treatments. My clients are both in the UK and abroad. We have horses, dogs and even a piglet in our circles, along with people from many nations. The
Healing Circle offers Reiki Healing for a simple donation, which covers seven weeks of healings.

Image of Karuna Reiki Healing Circle
Image of holistic weight-balancing

Six-week Weight-Balancing Program. This is an exciting new program to help you balance your weight using a holistic approach. It was the horses who showed me how this can work for humans! No diet plans. No workouts. We take a holistic view of your situation and your goals. The program is simple, effective, and very well-priced. I have taken my own program and it works! 

Reiki I & II Courses
I am delighted to announce that I am resuming my Reiki I and Reiki II classes.
I am offering Reiki attunements via home-training in the Devizes, Marlborough, Melksham, Trowbridge and Swindon areas. For information please visit my web-page for full details. 

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