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Month: June 2019

Five Elements Mini-Masterclass

Delighted to share that my Mini-Masterclass on the Five Elements and your horse went live this evening. This masterclass is now available from the Animal Wellness Summit.

Learn about Kinesiology with horses
How can the Five elements help your horse?
Working with EFT and the Fire element.

The masterclass explores three subjects:
• The nature of the Five Elements
• How they can help your horse
• Practical ways to integrate them into the life of your horse or herd.

If you have questions I will be delighted to respond, please contact me via the form below.

Five elements and your horse

Mini-Masterclass with Dr. Pete Jeffs, equine kinesiologist

The subject of this Mini-Masterclass is the Five Elements Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how these can help you and your horse in the pursuit of wellness. I will be presenting an outline of what the Five Elements are and how they offer us an amazing path, not only to finding wellness, but also practical tips as to how we can apply them in the life of the herd.

When you click on the image, you will have access to a sign-up page. The class costs $27 and for this, you will receive both video recording and audio in addition to access to the live presentation.

Welcome to the 2019 Animal Wellness Summit

I am grateful to Barney Kuntze, founder of the Animal Wellness Summit for this chance to present my upcoming talk that I will be giving on 26th June, at 13h EST, 18h BST, in the AWS Mini-Masterclass series. My talk will be about Kinesiology and the Five Elements Theory.

Our discussion (see below), touches on many topics, including holistic approaches to healing, what is kinesiology?, and, of course, the Five Elements! Enjoy!

Welcome to the Holistic Path!

Welcome to my new website for holistic healing. The site brings together my Reiki, Kinesiology, EFT and Equine practice.

Our new banner.

In addition to integrating the different strands of my practice, we now have a newsletter Holistic Paths, and you can sign up to receive this on our home page or via the form on the right-hand side of this page. Do let us know what kind of healing you are most interested in! When you sign up you will be directed to a page where you can download our latest e-Book, entitled The Holistic Path.