Understanding the anatomy of the digestive system is an important step in maintaining a balanced and healthy diet for your horse. 

Gillian Higgins and Clare MacLeod present a one-day seminar on Digestive Anatomy, Feeding, and Nutrition. This took place on Saturday 12th February 2022. It was part of Gillian’s series of seminars on equine anatomy and performance. 

As she points out, we ask our horses to perform workloads that need more than grass to sustain them. We keep them with limited ability to forage for their own nutritional needs. In modern-day sport, horses are pushed to their limits. It is up to us to ensure they have the right nutrition to keep them happy and comfortable. Healthy and able to perform”.

Having attended 3 of her online seminars, with a fourth on the 1st of December 2021, I highly recommend this full-day seminar. I believe that it a recording is now available on the Horses Inside Out Academy, Horses Inside Out

This seminar was of particular interest to me because much of my work involves herbs. In the energy testing approach, we can ask a horse which herbs support it, at any given time. This is work is not diagnostic in any sense. Rather, we are simply looking at what herbs might balance what is going on for the horse. This we can do on a weekly, two weekly or monthly basis. These regular check-ins also enable the horse to fine-tune its own diet, especially when it does not have access to a pasture rich in herbs. For this work, I collaborate with Maxine Stewart, equine herbalist, who supplies organic herbs of the highest quality, for horses. She works principally with zoopharmacognozy, where the horses choose which herbs they wish. Her herb packs work perfectly with kinesiology and enable us to determine which herbs support a horse, through muscle testing.


I hope this article has been helpful. Other articles about plants toxic to horses appear on my Professional Facebook Page. If there is a plant that you would like me to write about, please get in touch via Contacts.

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