Continuing her series of seminars on equine anatomy and performance, Gillian Higgins and Clare MacLeod present a one day seminar on Digestive Anatomy, Feeding, and Nutrition. This takes place on Saturday 12th February 2022.

As GH writes: Understanding the anatomy of the digestive system is an important step in maintaining a balanced and healthy diet for your horse. We ask our horses to perform workloads that require more than just grass to sustain them, we keep them domesticated with limited ability to forage for their own nutritional needs and in modern day sport we push our horses to their physiological extremes, so it is up to us to ensure we are providing them with the right feeding and nutrition to keep them happy, comfortable, healthy and able to performance“.

Having attended 3 of her online seminars, with a fourth on the 1st December, I highly recommend these. This will be a full-day event, and there is an early-bird price of £50 for those who sign up before the end of November.

You can sign up here, on Horses Inside Out.