I have been writing articles and giving seminars concerning holistic work with horses since the practice opened in 2016. Some of these are open access and available on this page. Others are associated with my online courses and are available when you purchase access to specific courses on my Teachable platform.

Articles that I have written to accompany my holistic work,
available in open access.

Releasing the Memory of Past Injury in Horses
Keywords: Injury Recall Technique, Horses, Surrogate method.

Eights energies
Keywords: Aura, Celtic Weave, Basic Grid, Eights energies

Articles that I have written to accompany my holistic work,
available when you purchase a class in my online holistic program.

Scar tissue and the Meridians in horses
Keywords: Scars, Stages of scar healing, Meridians, Energy flow, Lasers

The Five Elements
Keywords: Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Five Elements, Meridians

SEMINARS 2018 – 2020/1

For the 2020/1 Animal Wellness Summit, I presented a talk entitled: “Five pillars of a holistic equine practice“. In this talk, I looked at five distinct aspects of my practice, and how, over the past three years, the expression of the word Holistic has evolved for me into something that feels more organic and inclusive. The talk will show how a holistic practice must become multi-disciplinary, as we acknowledge the different levels of being in which life is expressed.

My 2019 talk was on the subject of The Five Elements and your Horse. This fully illustrated talk, lasting about one hour, offered an introduction to working with the Five Elements, and how to bring them into your daily care routine for your horse. The class can be purchased for $27, by clicking on the image below, and you will receive lifetime access to the video

My first presentation to the Animal Wellness Summit in 2018 on the subject of Wellness for Horses with Systematic Kinesiology. In my presentation, I explain what systematic kinesiology is, how we can work with animals using the surrogate method. I give two examples from my work with horses in Somerset, UK. In the first example, I use an EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy or Tapping) approach to work with emotional issues. In the second example, I demonstrate the Injury Recall Technique using the surrogate method, to help release tension above the forelegs in a horse.



“This was fascinating. You take holistic to its highest level!
AWS attendee, 2020/21 Animal Welfare Summit attendee

Thank you! Just what I needed. Learned a lot!
DM, 2018 Animal Welfare Summit attendee

I really loved this presentation. My primary doctor is a Kinesiologist/Chiropractor/ Acupuncturist/Nutritionist, etc… and I have been treated by these means for about 17 years. It has given me my health and opened up a whole new world to me. Now, to see how this is done with horses has a special meaning for me! Thank you so much for including this in the Summit!
KB, 2018 Animal Welfare Summit attendee

Wow, wow, this was great, learned so much. Now that I’ve a better understanding of kinesiology I will definitely be looking for a kinesiologist in my community to work with me and my horse… Between watching the video on energy and your animals and this one can’t wait to get started. Thanks so much again for your presentation.
KD, 2018 Animal Welfare Summit attendee