A birth chart reading is a message from the soul. The planetary movements in the sky are not simply part of the season’s cycle, they are also a source of profound wisdom regarding your journey on earth.

Your birth chart gives you vital information about the key challenges you face, information about past life traumas, as well as information regarding key issues as your sense of self, your resources, your relationships, and career. The reading is not predictive but shows how the planetary archetypes interact in the different domains of your life so influencing your potential future.

To prepare your birth chart reading all I require is your birth date, the exact time, and geographical location of your birth.


Charts are calculated using fully licensed Time Passages™ or Astrogold™ software.

My interpretation is informed by the Evolutionary Astrology of Jeff Wolf Green which posits that the position of Pluto in the chart gives a clear indication of the soul’s journey, or theme. This is accompanied by a consideration of the Lunar Nodes (where the Moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic), evoking potential past life scenarios and the intention of the soul for this life. This is the plot. We also look deeply at the Moon, which represents the past lives that you have lived, you know this archetype intimately. As such, your Moon is the character.

There are many approaches to astrology, evolutionary astrology being but one of these. Whilst there can be no absolute equation between a certain nodal placement, and a concrete set of past life experiences (unless one perhaps does hypnotherapy and past life regression), many astrologers nonetheless accord a resonance between the Nodal placements and certain situations. What I have noticed in reading my own chart, is that the understanding I have gained through Nodal interpretation has made so much sense for myself, on my own journey. I, therefore, work from the point of view that this might be of help to others. I will never claim that you “have” lived such or such an event. I shall suggest that certain situations or types of situations may resonate and that their effects, like a distant echo, may also play out in this incarnation. Understanding them, as waves originating in a distant sea, is perhaps the best way in which I can describe this approach. I think what persuaded me to pursue this approach, was the profound emotional resonance I felt, in approaching an understanding of my own South Node placement.

Whilst evolutionary astrology is linked to Pluto, there is an equally wider context to the word, and this refers to the way we evolve in our lives. We are not as we were 5, 10 or 15 years ago. We have learned rich lessons through experience. Our Sun and Moon are also channeled through our Ascendant. Understanding how the luminaries are expressed – or contraried – through our “way of being” is itself edifying and helps us to understand our own deeper nature, the instinctive forces from within that seek expression.

Whilst readings are very often presented orally these days (via phone, zoom or recording) your reading will be prepared and then delivered to you by email, with a photo of your chart for reference, as a full written discussion of approximately 50 typed pages. This generally takes about four to five weeks to prepare. As you will see I look at much more than Pluto, the Nodes, and Planets in the Houses. Each section of the reading is equally accompanied by diagrams that highlight the part of the chart in question. All this takes time!

Should you wish clarity on a specific context or situation, please do let me know when ordering your reading or contact me privately by email so we can discuss the work in hand. A general reading will consider each House equally. If you have particular questions regarding profession, relationships, family or other issues, it is helpful to know in advance, so I can nuance the reading, perhaps going a little deeper into those aspects.

Below, I reprint what others have said about my readings. I hope these testimonials give an idea of the richness of the work, and encourage you to get in touch. I truly look forward to helping you with a reading of your own natal chart.

Going further with your chart

Asteroid Goddess Reading

A further aspect of the work that I have felt increasingly called to, is what I call the “Asteroid Goddess” reading. This reading is a supplement to your Natal Chart Reading and looks at the chart from the perspective of the four Asteroid Goddesses, Ceres, Pallas Athena, Juno and Vesta. These represent four powerful feminine archetypes, who deepen the Natal Reading, which – as we all know – is dominated by the “male” Planetary Archetypes of Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. In a traditional reading, the feminine archetypes are essentially restricted to your Moon and Venus. Adding Ceres, Pallas Athena, Juno and Vesta brings a depth and deeper meaning to the chart, as they explore the vistas of experience represented by the Goddesses. How we face grief and loss; strategy, negotiation and peace-making; loyalty, partnership and community; commitment, concentration and the expression of our tantric energies.

Asteroid Goddess readings are of relevance to both women and men, as we each seek to integrate our inner feminine and inner masculine energies.

The Asteroid Goddess Reading begins with a discussion of each Goddess Archetype and then considers the Goddesses together in terms of their House, Sign and Aspects. The reading then broadens to explore the principle aspects with the other Planets. I prepare your Asteroid Goddess reading once your Natal Chart has been completed. This gives you time to gain familiarity with the structure of your natal chart, and are then in a position to integrate this new knowledge. The cost of a Goddess reading is £65, and the chart will be delivered by email in a couple of weeks, in pdf format. If you would like to order both readings at once you can do so below, at a reduced price of £190 instead of £205. Goddess readings are available once your natal chart reading has been completed.

Working with the Planetary Archetypes

The chart is, however, not the end-point of the process. Once we have learned to read our own chart, we can begin to work with it. There is a reason why the Zodiac has twelve signs which correspond to the different aspects of our personality. The chart is a Mandala for life. To work with this, we learn to balance the signs — the Twelve Mystery Schools — which means using your chart to equilibrate each pair of polar opposites.

Let’s imagine your “Aries” and your “Libra”. If you are starting a business, you might need drive and determination to enter a market — this equates to being more in your Aries. If you happen to be traversing a challenging period for your intimate relationship, being more in your Libra might be of greater help in understanding your partner. We aim to balance our opposing signs, first with respect to the chart and then, second, with the astral weather as a whole.

This is where we understand that Astrology is no fatalistic description wherein a person’s life is determined, but a sea-chart to navigate the oceans of our life. I am delighted to propose a 90-minute skype discussion, by appointment, to go deeper into the navigation of your chart to help you balance the planetary archetypes. This service is not a “reading”, but a coaching session to help you maximize the potential inherent in your chart reading. I also offer a subscription offer over a three month period for this coaching, billed at £75/month and which allows us to work in depth in integrating the chart in your life over a slightly longer period.

Whilst we work together with your chart, the work involves exploring how the planetary archetypes are speaking to you in your life. We can then use the chart not only to better understand how the energy flows, but also to imagine symbolic acts, rituals, gestures which incarnate the changes required. This work breathes life into the chart, and enables you to work co-creatively with your chart.


I look forward to working with you!

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Astrology Hub Inner Circle,and a regular contributor to the Pluto: your Soul’s desires,
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Chart reading is without doubt soul-work of a profound kind.
My most sincere thanks to all of my clients for such generous feedback!
I have had my natal and Asteroid Goddess charts done by Dr Pete. I cannot express my gratitude for the in-depth knowledge and wisdom that he has shown through the reports. They are so accurate, and he has such an eloquent way of explaining things. The care and attention to detail is amazing. He also suggests points to consider journaling on and/or meditating, to see how they sit with you, and what comes up. It is more than just an astrological reading, it is a glimpse into your Soul. Thank you once again Peter, your work is inspirational.
PC, Hampshire, UK

The natal reading that Dr. Pete wrote for me was more detailed and informative than any other reading I’ve had before! It somehow tied all of the knowledge I acquired from previous spiritual readings, past life discoveries, core value work, and soul blue print work that I’ve done. As I read his insights, it was as if I was fitting all the puzzle pieces together so I could see the full picture. I highly recommend a reading from Dr. Pete to anyone looking to uncover more of their authentic self!
KP, South Carolina, USA

Dr. Pete brought a unique and special light and love energy to both his work with my natal chart and my astral goddess chart. His dedication to his work as an astrologer was evident in the depth and breadth of the journey, he took me on. He tuned deeply into the relationships, the aspects, the influences, the lessons, the sacred geometry, and the divine blueprint that my soul incarnated into.
I have had my chart done many times over the years but never to this level of in-depth analysis, synthesis, and intuitive interpretation. Dr. Pete is a gifted writer and brought a certain poetic prose to the reading that gave it the feel of a story unfolding with characters and scenarios, triumphs, and tribulations. He brilliantly mirrored back both the light and the shadow aspects of the chart’s narrative and posed questions for further reflection that will allow the chart to become an embodied experience of exploration and discovery over time.
I had the Astral Goddess chart reading done separately and I wholeheartedly suggest you consider this option. It is an entire story within itself and gives the astral goddesses their due as powerful players in your past, present and future. Dr. Pete has studied the stories of the goddesses and brings this into the narrative and the interpretation so that you will feel their energy in deep soul connection. It is an empowering experience to awaken these goddess energies no matter if you are female or male. When they are woven into the narrative of the complete story of your chart you will see how a natal chart alone leaves out significant influences, relationships, aspects, and energies that the goddesses inspire.
Even if you have had your chart done in the past, I am quite certain you will find that Dr. Pete process and presentation, and interpretation of your chart reading is exquisite in the heartfelt love and light he brings, the time he dedicates to the preparation of the reading and the depths to which he will take you on your journey of knowing and becoming. It is not an exaggeration to say that what you will receive is a profound gift of transformation.
JL, Wisconsin, USA

A couple years ago, Dr. Pete wrote a birth-chart report for me. I was amazed how much I recognised myself and how much this knowledge helped me to find more balance in life. Over the last months, I enrolled in a series of sessions with Peter to work with my birth chart and reassess certain reoccurring patterns in my life (that I definitely want to put to rest!). As a result, I feel a lot more balanced and peaceful. I also have new strategies and tools that I can incorporate in my life to set healthy boundaries and continue to grow and prosper as a person. If you are currently experiences challenges or you simply want to live your life with optimal energy and balance, book your Astro Session Package with Dr. Pete today!
PC, Arizona, USA.

“A birth chart reading is a message from the soul. The planetary movements in the sky are not simply part of the season’s cycle, they are also a source of profound wisdom regarding your journey on earth”.

You will find the above quote on Peter’s website and since receiving my personal chart, I will tell whomever wants to listen that it is a true statement! A friend of mine recommended I seek a birth chart reading from Peter. He had done one for her several years back and she is still using it to this day to help her navigate her life choices. The birth chart Peter prepared for me is like a thesis of why I’m here and what I’m supposed to be doing. It explains where I’ve been, what I have done there and why I am where I am today. In it I discovered real and grounded advice along with very specific astrological information pertaining to every aspect of my life. I’m a complete lay person as far as astrology goes and a lot of it goes over my head, if I’m being honest, but Peter brought it all together in a way that I could digest and delivered it in a 40+ page piece of art! I will be reading and re-reading this for years to come. I can’t recommend Peter’s services highly enough. He is a very gifted writer, too!

Pete has such amazing gifts. His astrological chart readings are extremely precise. My son had been experiencing great difficulties in functioning and trying to find his spot. I’m truly grateful to Pete for sharing his knowledge, wisdom, and experience on how to assist my son in navigating his currents. Pete’s reading of my son’s chart helped me to gain peace, support, direction, and a more accurate map about how to connect and help my child process.
MRW. Utah, USA

Last year, I gave myself the gift of a personal birth chart, prepared by Peter Jeffs from the Shamanic Healing Circle. I adore Peter’s attention to detail and how he explained every aspect of my birth chart and soul’s fate and destiny. Despite that I do not know much about Astrology, everything was clear and made so much sense to me! I recognized my Self, my patterns, my values, believes and thought processes in every aspect of Peter’s description. Peter’s work is of huge help to me as I continue to dig through the past while making sense of who I am and who I want to be. I’ve pulled the chart many times over the past year, learning more and more about myself, why I do what I do and what it will take to reach my personal, highest potential. I can only highly recommend hiring Peter to prepare your birth chart as I know what an amazingly positive difference Peter’s work has made for me!
PC. Arizona, USA

I don’t know what my expectations were about my chart reading. I’ve seen them before but didn’t have all that much interest or they didn’t seem all that special, like anyone, could’ve said that. But when this came up, I had some stuff going on in my life and thought, it sounded cool and like something that might be interesting. I was truly blown away by Pete’s reading. He nailed things he couldn’t have possibly known outside of what he was reading in the chart. Stuff I’d observed about myself, but never really saw in focus that clearly. When I got my chart I had to read it twice through in the first hour because it so struck me. I loved Pete’s reflective style, too. He was able to demonstrate pathways with no judgment, just that there is this path line and this one and you have free-will to pick the line you’ll take. He flushed out small nuances that I could clearly see in my life, but had given little attention to, that then gave me this whole line of inner inquiry. I’ve read it again several times since and find points made roaming around my mind. Honestly, best money I’ve spent all year.
NV, Colorado, USA

May I just preface this by saying, you’re spot on.I am just bursting with confirmations I want to give you![…] Again, thank you so much for taking the time out of your life to do this. I appreciate you and what you’re doing, and until next time.

Thank you, for interpreting my chart. You helped me make sense of it without being predictive. It’s clear your own inner work helped add some profound insights which I now intend to apply… 

My chart is amazing and totally makes sense. I did an intuitive coaching session (over 5 hours total!) with a friend of mine the other day and we incorporated the chart to make a plan on how to move forward from here…
PC, Colorado, USA

How lovely and kind that you did such a wonderful look into my chart. That’s really above and beyond! I re-read and you were spot on! What amazing experience you have.

You are so fabulous!Thank you so much! […]This does make sense — a lot.

Thank you! I will read the chart again and again […] many things you say perfectly fit my life. FR, Italy

I was absolutely blown away by the precision and accuracy of what I was reading. It explains many things about who you are and why you are the way you are, your strengths and weaknesses, how planetary alignments affect your personality and energy and most importantly what you can do to overcome challenges and lessons to learn from any situation in life. This is going to be my guide for life and I will be reading again and again. If you have never had a reading of your birth chart I highly recommend you do. Peter has presented me with a beautifully designed and thorough explanation of the meaning of each part of the chart. Things that I would just go like YES, this is me! and things that make you really think why some of the things in life may have a repetitive pattern and how you can work that in the future. It is basically like this: what am I doing here, why I am here and what is my purpose? Thank you, Peter Jeffs
MT, London, UK.