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Horses inside out Seminar season

I wanted to give a shout-out for Gillian Higgins’ Autumn/Winter season of online seminars on equine anatomy, posture and movement.

She has written many books of excellence: Posture and Performance; How your horse moves; and Horse anatomy for performance, amongst others. Highly recommended! Her training courses are in-depth and give valuable insight to both practitioners and equestrians, alike. The deeper we go, the more we understand and the better are things for our horses.

The four seminars in this year’s Autumn/Winter sequence are:
• Episode 1: The Principles of Equine Movement – 7.30pm (BST) Wednesday 1st September 2021
• Episode 2: Riding from the Anatomical Perspective – 7.30pm (BST) Wednesday 6th October 2021
• Episode 3: Dressage Dissected – 7.30pm (GMT) Wednesday 3rd November 2021
• Episode 4: Jumping from an Anatomical Approach 7.30pm (BST) Wednesday 2nd December 2021

There is so much in these demonstrations, I highly recommend.

If you have not yet signed up for the remaining two demonstrations, you can sign up here at the Horses Inside Out Academy.


Healing with Horse Telesummit 2021

So delighted to have been offered the chance to speak at the 2021 Healing with Horse Telesummit which is taking place at this time.

My conversation with Diedre West focuses on the use of distance kinesiology to help horses, and we look at how we can identify issues at distance, using muscle response testing. With the aid of Bach Flower Essences, you can help you horse through the gentle power of the plant essences. Application is simple, as a few drops of the appropriate essence can be added to the water pot, each day.

Please click the link above to see the line-up. I hope that you will enjoy the talks.

Should you wish to receive life-time access, please click on this link or the photo above, where you can purchase your lifetime pass. You will be able to download each talk and will receive additional materials for many of the presentations.