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Horses inside out Seminar season

I wanted to give a shout-out for Gillian Higgins’ Autumn/Winter season of online seminars on equine anatomy, posture and movement.

She has written many books of excellence: Posture and Performance; How your horse moves; and Horse anatomy for performance, amongst others. Highly recommended! Her training courses are in-depth and give valuable insight to both practitioners and equestrians, alike. The deeper we go, the more we understand and the better are things for our horses.

The four seminars in this year’s Autumn/Winter sequence are:
• Episode 1: The Principles of Equine Movement – 7.30pm (BST) Wednesday 1st September 2021
• Episode 2: Riding from the Anatomical Perspective – 7.30pm (BST) Wednesday 6th October 2021
• Episode 3: Dressage Dissected – 7.30pm (GMT) Wednesday 3rd November 2021
• Episode 4: Jumping from an Anatomical Approach 7.30pm (BST) Wednesday 2nd December 2021

There is so much in these demonstrations, I highly recommend.

If you have not yet signed up for the remaining two demonstrations, you can sign up here at the Horses Inside Out Academy.


Grounding and Flow

Grounding and Flow

When we say “grounding” we generally mean that we are rooted in this 3D material world. Grounded. Seated upon the Earth. In connection. And this is important. We contrast this with the card of the Dreamer, or “The Fool” in the Rider-Waite Tarot. He has his head in the air, unconnected to the ground. In the Traditional Tarot the “Fool” is about to walk off the edge of a cliff. 

We can explore this through the Astrology of the three Earth Signs. Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo — each represent a different aspect of grounding. 

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and is the obstacle that we will overcome to create our reality. Taurus, or Fixed Earth ruled by Venus, is the pasture and the playground of that reality that we can delight in. Virgo, or Mutable Earth, ruled by Mercury, is the point where we assess our imperfections to evolve. Grounding is a fundamental part of the astrological plan.

So we are sitting in yoga and we are grounded. This tells us that we are connected through our ground chakra to the Earth. Yet there is another aspect to things. Having recently moved into a home on a canal, another reality is being revealed to me — that of Water. On the canal, our boat is in some sense our grounding but that grounding quite simply “floats”. Let’s look at astrology for a moment. 

The Water Archetypes are also three. Cancer, or Cardinal Water ruled by the Moon, brings us to feelings of home. Scorpio, or Fixed Water, ruled by Pluto, takes us into the depths of existence. Pisces, Mutable Water, ruled by Neptune, takes us out to the sea. Here, tides and currents, take us into the infinite and continual flux of the watery world which is the Ocean. How can these be grounding? 

Here I am looking for another word. I wouldn’t use the term “Watering” which has so many garden connotations that this will not convey the sense. We are looking after all at three distinct archetypes. Home (Cancer). Depth of feeling or profundity (Scorpio). Connection with the greater cosmic wave (Pisces). 

If we look at Capricorn, we must take into account the act of creating a special, not just any, place on the mountain. Capricorn seeks Cancer, as Saturn here seeks the Moon. The rootedness of being, be it a mountain or the place I live, expresses the transition from space to home. This is the personal aspect of rootedness. 

If we take our Grounding in Taurus, we can be well and fine in this place, but not know what lies beneath us. Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, gives us the wisdom to know upon what we are really seated. 

If we now take our Mutable Earth, our Virgo, we develop a critical notion of where we are seated. Virgo is the self-critical faculty that takes us from introspection but into self-criticism. Virgo is matched by Pisces, who enables us to reach a level of oneness with the whole. Despite our imperfections. Virgo ruled by chattering Mercury, gives way to the spiritual expansion of Neptune. If you can fall into sunset upon the shores. Or dive into a Turner seascape in the gallery. You will have experienced this call to the infinite. One which has the potential to lead us to a greater version of ourselves. 

Earth and Water are balanced in the Zodiac. And so Earth and Water must be balanced in life. The Earth archetype is manifest as Grounding. I propose that the Water archetype is manifest as “Flow”. We must balance our Water signs and our Earth signs. Anything that helps us develop our water archetypes will enhance our grounding practice. The two must balance.

Too much earth becomes rigid, like land burnt under a scorching sun. And too much water leaves our houses to be taken downstream by the flood. The land feels best when both sun-soaked and rained upon. It is this equilibrium we must seek.  Extremes will always be extremes. The path of Earth-Water is the path of Grounding and of Flow.

So if your coach asks you to be grounded, listen and root down. But do think for a moment, and remember that all Earth grounding asks to be balanced with Water’s Flow. Each aspect of our Earth-Grounding may be enhanced by Flow. When we can incarnate the Grounding and the Flow, we have reached a new level of awareness. 

Perhaps it is for this reason that Siddharta found illumination on the bank beside a river.

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5G Crisis: 2019 Awareness & Accountability Summit

The UK started rolling out its 5G system in May 2019. Whilst much of the discourse concerns the new tech possibilities, and the quest for ever-faster, higher performance mobile phones, many are concerned about the health consequences. There is currently an absence of detailed studies about the potential effects of 5G.

The 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability Summit is online and FREE from 
August 26 – September 1, 2019.

In order to get informed, there are now various resources available, and one of these is an online summit, designed to give in-depth coverage to the health issues.

This will give you the opportunity, from August 26th, to get fully up to speed on the implications of the new technologies, and what the increase in frequencies will mean for our health and that of our children.

If you have questions about the general implications of 5G, and especially if you are a health practitioner, you can book your place on this important summit by clicking on the image below.

Five elements and your horse

Mini-Masterclass with Dr. Pete Jeffs, equine kinesiologist

The subject of this Mini-Masterclass is the Five Elements Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how these can help you and your horse in the pursuit of wellness. I will be presenting an outline of what the Five Elements are and how they offer us an amazing path, not only to finding wellness, but also practical tips as to how we can apply them in the life of the herd.

When you click on the image, you will have access to a sign-up page. The class costs $27 and for this, you will receive both video recording and audio in addition to access to the live presentation.

Welcome to the 2019 Animal Wellness Summit

I am grateful to Barney Kuntze, founder of the Animal Wellness Summit for this chance to present my upcoming talk that I will be giving on 26th June, at 13h EST, 18h BST, in the AWS Mini-Masterclass series. My talk will be about Kinesiology and the Five Elements Theory.

Our discussion (see below), touches on many topics, including holistic approaches to healing, what is kinesiology?, and, of course, the Five Elements! Enjoy!

Welcome to the Holistic Path!

Welcome to my new website for holistic healing. The site brings together my Reiki, Kinesiology, EFT and Equine practice.

Our new banner.

In addition to integrating the different strands of my practice, we now have a newsletter Holistic Paths, and you can sign up to receive this on our home page or via the form on the right-hand side of this page. Do let us know what kind of healing you are most interested in! When you sign up you will be directed to a page where you can download our latest e-Book, entitled The Holistic Path.