Dear friends, Each Wednesday at 17h GMT / 5pm (London) we will be holding our #ecologicalhealingcircle. 30 minutes for a small group to focus on the animal and plant nations. There is so much to do.

Each week, I invite a small group to join us for a moment of intention, a moment for our grief. Many of us experience some form of eco-anxiety. The #ecologicalhealingcircle is a place where we can join together and share. Please bring some news we can celebrate. Please bring something we can put into the Circle and hold sacred space together.

At the moment we are holding space for the Wolves of Switzerland in a three-minute meditation in silence. Giving space to our grief for these wolves and our earth is a part of our healing process and healing for our earth-mother. I am aware of how we so often come together with solutions, plans, schemes, and projects. These in the end are products of our minds.

Our #ecologicalhealingcircle comes from a place of heart-centered knowing. If our Circle speaks to you, please join us. Our meeting will be on Zoom, and you will be welcome in the Circle. If you wish, bring photos for a screen share – so we can celebrate the animals, plants, or ecosystems as we hold space for them.

In our Wolf-Circles, we will be asking for the Mountain Spirits to bring snow, and all the elements to come together to make hunting impossible so that the wolves can escape to safer places.

The exact Zoom link will be communicated each Monday and Wednesday, via my Linkedin Profile: PeterJeffsHolistic at LinkedIn

Participation in these Circles is freely offered. If you would like to donate to support the work we do, please use this PayPal link where you can make a Donation to my

Circles are on Wednesdays, 17h GMT (5pm)
Timezones: 9h Pacific, 10h Mountain, 11h Central, 12h Eastern, 11h Peru, 13h Brazil, 17h GMT, 17h Ireland, 18h CET, and 02h Australia / NZ.


E C O – A N X I E T Y / F U R T H E R – S U P P O R T

For further holistic support – my practice offers several possibilities – including our Reiki Healing Circles. These are for both people and animals and run throughout the year. These offer regular Reiki Distance Healings, three times each week, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Places are available for £25 per person and can be booked here.
We have been holding Healing Circles now for over four years and are experienced in this kind of gentle holistic approach to wellness.