Whilst many of us are familiar with the chakra system, and the “anatomy” of our energy-body, we can come across intrusions or “energies” which do not belong to us but which are able to co-habit within our personal energy. These entities have generally not been consciously invited and they can merge, link, or even fuse with our own energy system. Such energies may take on a variety of forms. They may be harmless, or not, as the case may be. These energies may also be linked with land, with places, and with homes. Such occurences should be taken seriously.

There are various ways of approaching the clearing of these energies, whether by working with our Guides or with the Holy Fire III™ Karuna Reiki, in which I have been trained.

Since this work is of a highly particular nature, it is necessary first to discuss the nature of each case personally, and determine the best way forward. The work can be done at distance. In the case of land-clearing, I can do the mapping using google-earth. If you are nearby, I do prefer to visit the land, and work following a site visit. For information, please get in touch, via the contact page on this website.

Regarding fees, for most applications, I ask a one-off fee of £120, and this includes several distance sessions, so that we can be sure that the clearing is both complete and robust. Please contact me for more details and information about this kind of work. Payment can be made via PayPal (k=just click on the Energy Clearing image below.