Many injuries have hidden emotional and karmic aspects that are commonly difficult to treat. Using kinesiology as a way of tuning into your horse’s energy field, we can use muscle response testing to determine the emotional issues that should be addressed and offer help using the system of 38 Bach flower essences developed by Dr Edward Bach, British bacteriologist, homeopath and spiritual writer, most notably recognised for his Flower essences.

Emotional issues may also have karmic aspects, and these can be addressed succinctly by working with elements of your horse’s birth chart. In this approach, the focus is on the placement of Pluto, and the Lunar Nodes, which give a clear indication of the karmic destiny of your horse in this incarnation. These concepts have been studied extensively, in the School of Evolutionary Astrology, as explored in the books by Jeffrey Wolf Green, and those of the renowned psychotherapist and astrologer, Mark Jones (Pluto School).

Bringing these strands together we have a simple method for working with your horse’s emotional and karmic issues. This can be carried out on-line, and the kinesiology can be done through the surrogate method in which you provide the link between myself and your horse.

Bach Flower essences are available the world over, making them a suitable resource for international work. Initial sessions are £70, which can be sent via PayPal, by clicking the link below.