One of the positive impacts of the past 18 months is the development of distance work within the kinesiology community. This comes naturally to me, as I am also a Karuna Reiki Master, and have worked in distance mode for almost a decade. Developing kinesiology at distance has been an exciting process and enables me to work with you and your horse anywhere in the world.

There are several aspects to a session, and these involve clearing memory of trauma, the use of Emergency Modes, to ascertain rapidly the most important area of intervention. We then work with either nutrition or emotional issues.

Nutrition is taken from the point of view of herbs that can support your horse. And emotional issues are taken from the point of view of the Bach Flower Essences™ and Essential oils.

Many injuries have hidden emotional aspects that are commonly difficult to treat. Using kinesiology as a way of tuning into your horse’s energy field, we can use muscle response testing to determine the emotional issues that should be addressed and offer help using the system of 38 Bach flower essences developed by Dr Edward Bach. Bach was a British bacteriologist, homeopath and spiritual writer, most notably recognized for his Flower essences, which can be found all over the world. These are gentle, yet powerful, and can be offered to your horse by putting a few drops in their water pot.

Essential oils are also powerful and often come up when working with emotional issues. These can be offered to your horse, very gently, so that he or she sniffs all that she needs. I use a test kit comprising some 20 oils, which have been pre-selected for their efficacy in working with horses.

Emotional issues may also have karmic aspects, and these can also be addressed succinctly at distance. Bringing these strands together we have a method for working with your horse’s emotional issues at distance. This can be carried out from my practice in Wiltshire UK. It is from here that I work with horses from all over the world.

It is helpful for us to talk prior to the session (zoom or what’s app), and then we arrange a time for me to work with your horse. Once the session is over, I provide you with full notes, recommendations, observations of the session via email so that you have a record.

Sessions cost £70, which can be sent via PayPal, by clicking the link below.

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