Two kinds of sessions:
I propose two kinds of sessions. The first is destined to help your horse with a specific health issue. The second is more oriented towards balancing you and your horse so that you can work closer as a team.

Equine kinesiology session
The majority of my work will be done in your yard. We can work in the yard, or in your horse’s stall. Sessions last generally 60 – 80 minutes. In general, you will brief me beforehand about the issues your horse is facing so that I can prepare our session. Following pre-checks to ensure that I can muscle-test your horse correctly, much of the work involves exploration of energy issues, nutrition, and emotional work. A major part of the work is in examining your horse’s meridians, and looking for “over-energies”. These are places where the energy is not flowing correctly and when left unbalanced can lead to somatic issues.

Issues that come up frequently concern Laminitic episodes, Cushings, Sarcoids, and EMS. Emotional issues are often prevalent and in their release, other issues or symptoms often disappear. The “symptom” is often there to focus attention on an emotional issue that requires balancing.

I use a variety of techniques beyond meridian testing, and these include Bach Flower Essences, EFT Tapping, and nutritional testing with herbs. I also use bio-resonance equine test kits, and the two equine test kits produced by Life Work Potential. I also have hormone test kits and can carry out endocrine balancing sessions. It is often helpful to know your horse’s birth date and place (and time) if this information is available.

For more information on my approach, please drop me a line, email is best. If you do use the phone, please leave a message but SMS is better as I generally have very little signal in this part of the world. I will then contact you and will be delighted to learn more about your horse.

The five-point equine energy balance
Beyond the habitual balancing work carried out in a kinesiology session, I have also developed a protocol aimed specifically to help riders so that I can balance you and your horse for five key energy components. These are:
• intra-cellular communication
• hydration
• meridians
• chakras
• vagus nerve
Once you are balanced, we run through the same sequence and can see how well your horse is balanced. Corrections are carried out via your own energy circuits and then we retest to verify that the correction holds. This balancing work is best done once I have already worked with your horse and we have been able to do a preliminary kinesiology session together.

How to book?
For bookings, please continue to my Equine bookings page. You will find options designed to suit your needs. Please fill out the nquiry form to give me an idea of what you are looking for. Once we have been in contact, we can book your appointment. Payments can be made during my visit, or via my bookings page by clicking the corresponding option. You will be directed to a secure PayPal page where you can pay for your session. If you can’t find the right option (for example, say you would like a half-dozen sessions), please let me know via the enquiry form, and I will reply to you with the best approach.