A holistic approach can help your horse.

A holistic approach to your horse’s wellness offers many benefits. The sessions are gentle for your horse, and horses tend to enjoy them very much. The work is built around gentle massage and tapping, emotions and blockages are released in a natural way. This approach is supported by the selection of appropriate organic herbs, flower essences, and essential oils, all of which are beneficial to health and wellbeing. The emotional side of physical issues is naturally taken into account, and the techniques that you will learn, regarding the daily meridian work that results, will contribute to building your rapport with your horse.

The foundations of the approach.

The key to this approach lies with the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the four realms of structure, nutrition, emotion, and energy. These are an entry point into the holistic approach. There are many issues that are appropriate for equine holistic work. For example, laminitic conditions, Cushings, sugar balance, cresting, sarcoids, parasites, hair loss, emotional issues can all be worked upon. In addition to a comprehensive test kit of organic herbs specially selected by an equine herbalist, I use kits specifically adapted to working with horses from Life Work Potential, in their range of equine test kits, along with a special bio-resonance kit made up for me by a magnetic bio-resonance specialist, covering a wide range of equine issues. These are highly specialist kits and extend the scope of our holistic investigations.

Working in the yard

As I bring a range of kits and specific materials to the yard for your horse’s session, it is helpful to have a table or somewhere I can place the equipment within easy reach of your horse’s stall, and protected from the elements. The timescale is also adapted to suit your horse – shorter periods of testing of around 30-40 minutes are best to avoid tiring your horse. It is important that your horse enjoys this attention and so we do not ask too much in any one session. I take detailed notes from each session, and these are relayed to you with any recommendations usually the next day, via email. All products used are organic, and the oils and herbs have been pre-selected by an equine herbalist.

Gaits and movement

Specific issues regarding movement can be approached in this way. For example, in a case where the right canter strike-off was weakened, it was possible to look at each muscle in the flexor chain individually. Looking at these, one by one, revealed an energetic imbalance in the Lateral digital extensor. What showed up for this muscle was energy – specifically linked to the Stomach meridian. Working with the stomach median prior to sessions in the school restored the strike-off. A similar issue then appeared on the left-hand strike-off but this was linked to the Rectus abdominus on the left-hand side. Here, the weakness was linked to the Spleen meridian. Whilst there are many ways to address such imbalances, with a holistic approach we can look to see if the issue is structural, nutritional, emotional, or energy. We then balance accordingly.

More about the practice

The practice serves the Wiltshire area, in the UK, covering the Devizes, Melksham, Trowbridge, Marlborough and Swindon region. If the distance is over 10 miles, I do make an additional transportation charge to cover costs. The work I do is based on the principle of wellness and is complementary to your vet’s work. I ask that you obtain written consent, confirming that your vet is happy for your horse to receive holistic sessions. Coming from a research background (B.Sc. in Botany, Durham University and Ph.D. in Genetics, Cambridge) I am always up for the challenge to innovate and find new creative approaches to issues, as my clients will testify. My own holistic training comes through many years practicing Reiki, and I am twice qualified as a Reiki Master in Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki. I also completed my Foundation and Diploma in Kinesiology from the Bristol School of Advanced Kinesiology in 2016. I am also delighted to be in regular contact with Maxine Stewart, from Natural Equine who is qualified in herbalism and zoopharmacognosy – the art of self-selection. My test kits for essential oils and the herbs I use come from Maxine’s company, and in this way, I ensure that any herbs and oils recommended are of the very highest quality.

First steps towards a visit

I hope that my approach speaks to you. I am very happy to talk about the work I do. We can then see exactly how best I can help you. You can also get in touch via the inquiry form below. I will reply by email and we can arrange to discuss the details of your horse’s situation. Sessions can be paid for via PayPal. Clicking on the treatment that you wish to purchase, will take you to a PayPal page where you can pay securely for your session. Once I have received your payment the session is considered booked.

Please note that there are Initial sessions and follow-ups. Initial sessions are longer, take in more exploratory work, and enable us to plot the best course of action, and are priced at £95. Follow-up sessions cost £75.

Equestrian Holistic Balance

These five-point balancing sessions involve rather more energy work than structural or nutritional work and are usually taken after your horse has received at least one equine balancing session. These can be carried out in order to improve the balance and coordination between you and your horse. To order, click on the link below.

Please note that these prices include a fuel/visit fee within a 10-mile radius of Devizes. I am happy to travel further afield and however there is a supplementary charge of £10 for distances between 10 and 20-miles, and of £15 if over 20-miles.

If you have questions about any aspect of this work, or how it can help your horse, please contact me via the Contact Page.