If you have experienced a kinesiology session, you will be familiar with the muscle testing, together with the test kits and supplements used during the balancing process. Working with you and your horse is, however, an entirely different experience. It opens into a marvelous complicity as we are working directly with your energy circuits and those of your horse. Can you imagine being able to share in his or her healing process?

The surrogate method
When we balance a person we are looking at their body in isolation from other energy bodies. The body is a closed circuit and we can look to see what is required in terms of work with structure, nutrition, emotion, and energy. When we work with your horse, you become the link between myself and your horse – and your horse is going to speak through you. Whether it is via a nutritional exploration or pure energy work, the messages are going to pass between you and your horse as the balancing is carried out. This is a very special kind of sharing.

The four realms
I work with the four realms of structure, nutrition, emotion, and energy. And as humans and horses share a common evolutionary body plan, we can move between you and your horse in both a structural and an energetic sense.

Working in the yard
Testing in your stable or yard is slightly more complicated than working in the therapy room, so I have devised simple methods with key muscles that are available for testing in the equestrian environment. I have also adapted the timescale to suit your horse — shorter periods of testing of around 30-35 minutes seem to me best adapted and avoid tiring your horse. It is important that your horse enjoys this attention and that we do not ask too much. Horses are so curious about this process!

Specially adapted test kits for equine work
There are many issues that are appropriate for equine holisitc work. Laminitic conditions, sugar balance, cresting, parasites, hair loss, emotional issues can all be worked upon. Much of my work is adapted to testing with herbs. In addition, I have acquired two test kits specifically adapted to working with horses and these allow a much greater degree of precision in the work I can propose. One comes from Jane Thurnell Reed’s company, Life Work Potential, in their range of veterinary test kits. The other is a special kit made up for me by a Magnetic Bio-Resonance therapist, who has prepared a kit of 44 vials covering a wide range of equine issues. These are highly specialist kits and extend the scope of our holistic investigations.

If you are interested in a holistic session for your horse, please continue to my Equine sessions page which outlines the different kinds of sessions that I offer.