The benefit of distance sessions

In addition to hands-on yard visits, I offer a range of holistic distance sessions for both horses and people. With distance sessions, I am able to offer holistic sessions to my clients all over the world, and I have worked with horses and humans from all over the US, from Germany, Poland, France, and the United Kingdom. Naturally, no travel is required for these sessions, I simply need to know where you or your horse are located. This work is also suitable for those who live far from their on-site holistic practitioner or vet.

Combining distance work with onsite work.

Although I work with some of my clients exclusively online, distance work also fits in nicely with yard work and hands-on visits. Often we will alternate a yard visit with a distance session, which is both economic and enables regular tuning in with the horses. With such distance work, not only can we check herbs, oils and flower essences, but a range of questions which owners regularly put to me, so that we can address other issues. Distance sessions are also great when there has been a storm, or before the farrier’s visit, so that we can do some energy balancing to ensure the horse is in the best possible place.

Holistic Distance Sessions

Holistic sessions using muscle testing are like hands-on sessions, in which we can explore a variety of issues. If the session is for your horse, you will receive detailed notes regarding the outcome of your or your horse’s session. These sessions can look at dietary issues, emotional issues, and energy balancing. These sessions are the distance equivalent of an on-site visit. If the session is for yourself, then we usually conduct the session via Zoom. For such a session, we can coordinate a date and time, and the session will be conducted over the internet link.

Specific equine issues – an example of gaits and movement

Specific issues regarding movement can also be approached whilst working at distance. I cited previously a situation where the right canter strike-off was weakened. In this case, it was possible to look at each muscle in the flexor chain on site. Checking each muscle, individually, enabled me to find an energetic imbalance in the Lateral digital extensor. An energy imbalance was indicated for this muscle – and specifically linked to the Stomach meridian. Working with the stomach median prior to sessions in the school restored balance. A similar issue then appeared on the left-hand strike-off. Working uniquely at distance, it was possible to locate the imbalance to the Rectus abdominus on the left-hand side. The imbalance was linked to the Spleen meridian. Whilst there are many ways to address such imbalances, with the holistic approach we can look to see if the issue is structural, nutritional, emotional, or concerns energy balance. The holistic approach provides a clear method for approaching complex issues.

Reiki Distance Sessions

In sessions where I use Reiki as the primary modality, we will organize a time and place for the session. If there are several Reiki sessions booked, we will agree on dates and times for these, and I will suggest that you take time out for the session, to lie down in comfort, and receive the Reiki during your siesta or rest period. It is important to switch off the phone, and organize as best one can not to be disturbed during the period of the session. It is a good idea to drink some water after the session has ended.

Karuna Reiki land clearing

A specific application of the energy process can be directed towards land. This can be very helpful for farms, yards, gardens, or even homes, where the presence of an energy disturbance has been noted. This work is carried out at distance. If the site is local (Wiltshire area, UK), I will certainly visit, and draw up a map, if permitted. If the site is distant, I use google earth to make a grid of the area in question and then carry out the clearing work at a distance. This work is powerful and can help in cases where horses are being disturbed on a constant basis with no “rational” explanation forthcoming. It can also be appropriate for homes or other areas where the energy “does not feel right”. Energetic work can be extremely beneficial for the land, and for all who frequent the land.

More about the practice

The work I do is based on the principle of energy balancing and is complementary to your vet’s work. I ask that you obtain written consent, confirming that your vet is happy for your horse to receive holistic sessions. Coming from a research background (B.Sc. in Botany, Durham University and Ph.D. in Genetics, Cambridge) I am always up for the challenge to innovate and find new creative approaches to issues, as my clients will testify. My own holistic training comes through many years practicing Reiki, and I am twice qualified as a Reiki Master in Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki. I also completed my Foundation and Diploma in Kinesiology from the Bristol School of Advanced Kinesiology in 2016. I am also delighted to be in regular contact with Maxine Stewart, from Natural Equine who is qualified in herbalism and zoopharmacognosy – the art of self-selection. My test kits for essential oils and the herbs I use come from Maxine’s company, and in this way, I ensure that any herbs and oils recommended are of the very highest quality.

Taking the next step.

If the approach I have outlined resonates with you, the next step is for us to speak in person. Please drop me a line, so that we can arrange a time to discuss your horse and your needs. Once we have decided to work together, we can fix a time for a session. In terms of payment, you will find a series of PayPal buttons below. Secure payments can be made by clicking on the appropriate service.


If you are receiving Universal or Working Tax Credit in the UK, please do ask about concessions. These are offered on an individual basis. I always take into account your situation and that of your horse, to ensure the best possible outcome.


Remember you can contact me via phone on 0777 604 3705 (in the UK), or Whats App. My contact page is here.