From October 2020, I will be integrating Holy Fire III™ Karuna Reiki into my distance healing work. In terms of distance healing sessions, the preparations are the same though the healings will now be slightly longer.

In terms of teaching, my hands-on Reiki I and Reiki II courses will follow the traditional Usui Reiki form for UK clients. Workshops will be given via home visits, according to COVID-19 protocols and rulings in vigour.

For overseas students, I will be opening a Reiki I and Reiki II Holy Fire III™ online class, but this will be available for overseas students only. Sadly it is not possible to open this to UK students on account of UK Protocols on Holistic practice. For the US and other countries, however, I am now qualified to teach the online Reiki I and II holy Fire III™ classes, and these will be taught using manuals from the International Center for Reiki Teaching. Modalities, fees, and dates of courses will be published. My hope is to have my first online courses available for the Spring 2021.

This page will be regularly updated to reflect the actuality, dates, and fees for online courses.