I have now been holding our weekly Karuna Reiki Circles for over four years. These offer members between five and seven weeks of Karuna Distance Reiki. Our Circles have many members, both people, horses, and other animals too. We now reach our Seventeenth Healing Circle, and witness to the popularity and success of the Circles.

Our Seventeenth-Series of the Healing Circle will begin the day before Beltane on Tuesday 30th April at 17h London Time.

Please join us! 

The healings take place on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, at 9h Pacific, 10h Mountain, 12h EST, 17h GMT, and 18h CET. The days and times are held constant so that everyone can book this time into their diary and know to “hold the space” for some quiet mindful time. I recommend switching off phones, lighting a candle, burning some incense, and putting on some soothing music unless you wish to sit in silence. The Circle adapts in this way to each person. In the summer months, one can sit outdoors. If one has horses, time to sit with them in the paddock or yard!

The theme of our Seventeenth Healing Circle will be the “Great Medicine Wheel”.

When you join, you will be invited to our Horses of Light Circle network, hosted on “Mighty Networks“– if you are not already a member.

Benefiting from my own advanced Reiki training in the Karuna Holy Fire III™ Reiki, the circle requires no ZOOM or SKYPE access. We work through trust. The Reiki will also arrive later if you happen to be out at the time of the session. The days and times are kept constant throughout the cycle so that everyone can plan around regular dates and times. our membership fee of £25 recognizes our energy exchange and can be sent via PayPal. Your place is assured once your PayPal has been received. If you wish to join along with your horse (or any other animal), please reserve two places, as in this Circle, horses, animals, and people are equally honored!

Places can also be gifted. For gifting, please let me know the name of the recipient so that I know to whom and where to send their Reiki.

You can also contact us via our contact page.

Memberships are available for two or three places (including gifting),
please use either of the buttons below.

I am truly delighted to welcome you to this, our Seventeenth Healing Circle!

I enclose below some testimonials from members of past circles to give you an idea of the experience this kind of “slow Reiki” can bring. The Circle offers gentle and constant longer-term support, and meets at the start of each season, on the ancient feast days (see Calendar of dates, below). Working like this, to facilitate access to holistic healing for both horses and humans is an integral part of my mission.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch via the contact page.

CALENDAR of DATES for 20232024

Seventeenth Healing Circle – Beltane 20th April 2024 – 21st June Summer Solstice 2024
Eighteenth Healing Circle Lughnasadh 1st August – Autumn Equinox 21st September 2024.



I have participated in Dr. Pete Jeffs’ distance healing Karuna Reiki Circles for over a year. Over that time, I have been able to “drop in” deeper and deeper into the Reiki energy, amplified by the healing energy and wisdom of the horses that join us, for each session and every circle. It has become a regular practice for me to not only drop into meditation and receive this healing energy, but to also join together with the horse and humans within our circle and contribute what I can toward the goal of each circle. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to participate in this amazing collective of healing energy!
CG (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

I met Peter through a mutual friend at the start of the last two tumultuous years,sharing a deep interest in astrology and Holistic healing. I was invited to join Peters healing circle (Horses of Light), a beautiful and profound experience ,so needed during these challenging times.
His integrity,wisdom and gifted healing is mirrored into all his work with horses and humans alike,using unique,intuitive,highly qualified and hard won skills. Peter’s distant healing using Reiki leaves me with a true feeling of peace and connection with all the other circle members. Shared three times a week it is such incredible and wonderful value. Being part of the healing circle is a true gift that I treasure.
LG (Somerset, GB)

Dear Pete, since being part of your beautiful healing circle, the health of our border collie and my husband has much improved. The powerful healing energies are a gift for us all, including our precious planet Earth. With warmest wishes,
G&R (Wiltshire, GB)

Thank you Pete! I already signed up for the 8th series! I can’t imagine NOT joining each Healing Circle! They have been so lovely! I wish I was better at putting into words the peaceful joy I feel by participating in your horse healing circles! You have an amazing gift!
CG, (Arizona, USA)

Thank you for another wonderful Karuna Reiki Circle! What a blessing to be in the energy and transformation for another cycle! The first and final days always seem to be the most powerful yet I know that all the days in between are transformative in their own way. It may be more subtle, gradual, gentle, or not. Whatever we experience, it’s always magical.
KP. (South Carolina, USA)

Dr. Pete Jeffs’ Fifth Karuna Reiki Horse Healing Circle was a most beautiful, sacred, profound and transformative experience for myself and my equine partner Chariots of Fire. We joined each circle in energetic connection with all others in the circle and felt the love and light that Dr. Pete brought in through his Reiki connection and his heart-centered love and light connection to galactic beings of light and the Horses of Light. His transmissions were deeply moving and Chariots and I are deeply grateful for the messages he shared through these transmissions. Chariots is the Shaman of the Epala herd and I witnessed his elevation in connection to spirit in the work he does with my equine facilitated coaching clients while he was part of Dr. Pete’s healing circle, including his offering of sacred geometry configurations and symbology. The Reiki has flowed beautifully through the sessions that Chariot’s has co-facilitated with me. I invite all who walk in the love and the light with their horses or those who are ready to move into the deep transformational healing the lights the way to ascension to join Dr. Pete as he continues his offering of the Reiki Horse Healing Circle. 
JL, (Wisconsin, USA).

I have absolutely loved the Fifth Horse Healing Circle. I actually feel that during the Circle, I am wrapped in some kind of protective Cape, as we move through the seven weeks of healings that Peter offers. At the end of the seven weeks, I confess to feeling a sense of sadness that we have reached the end of the Healing Circle! The good news is always to look forward to the next one! The healings with the Horses of Light are very special indeed, and I recommend them. It is amazing that we can join this beautiful circle for only £25, which offers us three healings each week, for nearly two months. Very grateful, and can’t wait for 1st August, for the Sixth Horse Healing Circle. I shall be there! 
(London, GB)

My experience as part of the Third Cycle of Reiki Healings has been amazing. I have participated in all three cycles and each of them has opened some doors to my internal self. In this third cycle with the Pleiadians presence and the Karuna Reiki. I have felt a lot more clarity, more direction and it feels like I am beginning to tap into my own intuition and trust the guidance that I am receiving. I am also learning to deal with confusion and pain in a more peaceful way. I have progressed enormously, I understand more about the energies and how they affect us and also how we can work with them. I feel there is still work to be done and would like to take it to the next level of the spiritual world. So, I look forward to the 4th circle and get ready for the energetic changes of the Spring Equinox. Peter is fully committed and puts great effort and passion into his work with us and makes it very affordable so as many people as possible can benefit from these sessions. He is calm, centred and his reiki sessions bring me serenity and peace. When I am not at home during the sessions I know that “the reiki bubble” is waiting for me when I get home. I highly recommend the Corona Reiki Circles.
MT, (Manchester, GB)

During the Corona-Reiki-Healing, I felt a circle of relatives surround me creating an effective boundary for myself so that I can have a little bit more distance to what’s happening in my life. All of it felt very good, so thank you so much for your passionate desire to be of help and service.
CP, (Arizona, USA)

Thank You Peter. Wow I wasn’t feeling that well last night, its been very chilly here and I was wondering am I coming down with cold/C19? Before falling asleep I visualized golden light pouring into me cleaning and clearing anything, I think I fell asleep before I finished. And then I woke in the middle of the night and immediately felt golden light coming over me, clearing and refreshing and energizing me. I was so sleepy I didn’t really think about this but now….I’m sure it was the Circle. Today I feel wonderful. Woke up early all energized. Thank you, thank you.
AG, (Sydney, Australia)

With gratitude for energies and insights into re-calibrations and alignment. Major shifts in my practical/emotional world – very grateful for healing male energies & influencers to balance outlooks and choices of thought & word and understandings. Reiki nourishes/heals as it evolves. Blessed study and practice you share. Thanks and blessings.
DD (Massachusetts, USA)

From my point of perception, I have the best experience of the Corona Reiki if I tune in at the same time as the healing is set, in a meditation position and the hands in the receiving position. Focusing on my breath and on receiving. I experience the energy as both, gentle and firm at the same time but also comforting and clean. The energy seems body areas where it feels most needed or most lacking. Often I sense it a moment before I get the message that the session is over that it has been finished. When I am busy and not home the energy awaits me upon entering my apartment and feels very welcoming and comforting. With each session, I feel comforted and cleansed at the same time. Getting it regularly leaves me with a feeling of gratitude that I am able to be supported also energetically. I would recommend attending this kind of Reiki to anyone who wants to experience healing on an energetic level and experience this consistently.
SK (Germany)

I have been part of two Corona Reiki Distance Healing Circles in 2020 with Reiki Master Dr. Peter Jeffs, receiving distance healing three times a week.  In these uncertain times, I find it difficult to be focused and positive. It has not only been helping with my energy’s imbalances but it also helps me to dedicate time for myself and focus on positive changes. It has given me more clarity and a deeper understanding of my own existence and also I feel I am a lot more in tune with my intuition. This second round of Reiki was fantastic and helped me to focus and cope with challenging situations either in personal and professional life. Those 20 mins 3 times a week have given me not only the time to focus on my own breathing and relax the body and mind, but I felt tremendous peace after each session.  I also felt the accumulative effect of having these Reiki sessions. They gave me more clarity and positivity and a deep sense of peace that everything is going to be fine. It is very healing. In the first season, Peter has also sent distance Reiki healing to a friend who was Covid-19 positive. He is probably unaware of how powerful the Reiki was but I am certain it helped him to deal with the hardest moments and helped him to recover and heal. Peter Jeffs is an excellent Reiki Master and I feel his energy going far and beyond. He has extensive knowledge of holistic practice and is constantly deepening his skills and healing methods. I didn’t think that being remote was going to be as effective but I was wrong. It is as powerful, and the fact that the Corona Reiki Circle is made up of a group of people from all around the world makes it very special indeed. 
MT (United Kingdom)

With all my gratitude!