What is EFT?
Emotional Freedom Therapy (or EFT) has been popularised by the work of Nick and Jess Ortner with their World Tapping Summits. Taking courses with them, and studying their work, has deepened my own use of EFT in the context of Kinesiology. Very simply put, the theory behind EFT is that our emotions and behavior patterns can be held in the meridians. This is something we observe in kinesiology, where for example a fear can be held in a specific place like the Kidney or the Stomach meridian.

When we explore this fear or behavior pattern we can localize it, and then with the aid of affirmations help to release it. This is a gentle procedure and is done with the therapist who will often begin with a sequence of affirmations. To anchor the affirmation we use tapping on meridian end-points. These are shown below. We tap in sequence starting with the top of the head, then the interior of the eyebrows, the side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, chine, under the arms, and finally the karate chop point on the hand. Gentle tapping with two fingers as we use the affirmations is all it takes.

When we find a thought or emotion that weakens a muscle, we can use this process to explore the emotion. Sometimes the kinesiologist will tap for you, in homework after the session, you will tap yourself. The tapping is done with two fingers, very lightly on the points indicated.

Kinesiology is not part of the traditional approach to EFT which uses numbers to evaluate the strength of the issue in question. So, a strong fear might for example register as a 10. After working with the tapping, you then re-evaluate the issue and discover that actually, you are a little less put out by it. With repeated effort, one can bring the score down to a very manageable level. Using kinesiology, we of course muscle-test the issue. So we might find that a specific fear or emotion is very active, making a muscle switch on permanently (what we call hypertonic). When we go through tapping cycles, we see that the muscle gradually unblocks itself. To the point where eventually the emotion or issue triggers no response at all. The muscle fires normally, switching on and off at command.

EFT is very powerful and can be used with everything from headaches to phobias and emotional trauma. With the addition of muscle-testing, we can use kinesiology to see how the body is gradually releasing an issue. This also works with animals. My own work with horses shows that we can work in exactly the same manner. Obviously, we don’t use exactly the same points, but the principles are exactly the same.

If you have an issue or issues you would like to explore, we can do this in follow-up sessions, following an initial consultation. Booking is via the Kinesiology bookings page.