Kinesiology sessions
Sessions take place in your home. Before beginning, I have a questionnaire which offers an overview of your general health, medical history, any drugs or supplements that you are taking, as well as your diet and exercise regime. You are always free not to answer, these questions simply help inform the session. The session itself will last about 90 minutes for a first session and 60-70 minutes for a follow-up. In a first session, we always carry out a full wheel-balance, looking at the 15 meridians and circuits, to gain an overall picture.

How does the session proceed?
Following the questionnaire, I will ask you to lie down on the therapy table that I bring with me. If you are able to lie on the table, the session is carried with you lying down, mainly or entirely on your back. If you feel uncomfortable or are unable to use the table on account of mobility issues, we use a wide range of muscles, there are always muscles that can be tested from a sitting or standing position.

When to use kinesiology
Kinesiology is appropriate for general health and wellness, dietary issues, sleeping disorders, migraine, and chronic or long-duration health issues. As always, for any health issue, the first port of call is your GP. Kinesiology is a complementary therapy and should always be used as such. Kinesiology is also non-diagnostic: our aim is in the balancing of the body, not in giving names to conditions.

Booking your session
For bookings, please go to my booking page where you can choose your session. You will find various options designed to suit your needs. Please fill out the enquiry form to give me an idea of what you are looking for. Once we have been in contact, we can book your appointment. Please return to the bookings page to pay online by clicking the corresponding option. You will be directed to a secure PayPal page where you can pay for your session. If you can’t find the right option (for example, say you would like a half-dozen sessions), just let me know via the enquiry form, and I will reply to you with the best approach.