Over the past years, I have gained much experience through hands-on holistic practice with many of the horses that I have treated. This has inspired me to put together a series of online classes. My aim is to provide complementary holistic information, in a concise format, for my clients both in the UK and in other countries. To this end, I have created my own holistic online school, where I will be producing short, information-packed courses with both video and downloadable learning aids. These courses offer numerous benefits.

Courses will offer numerous features:
• A chance to deepen your holistic knowledge
• Permanent Online access on the Teachable industry-standard platform
• Short courses developing detailed knowledge of specific topics
• Courses complement the work you are doing with your horse
• A series dedicated to the meridian pairs (Stomach/Spleen, etc)
• Build your library of courses covering many aspects of holistic equine work
• A source of reference that you can build up gradually
• Economically priced individual modules

Online learning: the Triple Warmer Meridian
Many thanks to Ronaldo for being a star!

A coordinated program of classes:
These classes will be available from the beginning of May 2022, and I will be adding new courses to the platform every three months. The first four courses will be:
Equine Holistic – An introduction to approaches and techniques (July 2022)
Working with the Five Elements – an introduction (September 2022)
The Meridians (1): Governing and Central Vessel (December 2022)
• The Meridians (2): The Fire Element (Yang), Triple Warmer and Small Intestine (March 2023)

I look forward to the launch of the first course in July 2022. I will be sharing more about further courses in the months to come. If you have any questions or would like to request a topic for consideration as a future course, please drop me a line via the form below.