What are the Reiki Degrees?
Having received a series of Reiki healings, many feel called to learn how to work with Reiki themselves. One of the beauties of Reiki is that learning is not complicated, nor indeed, requires years of training. Traditionally, it is taught in weekend workshops or classes, and each Level generally takes two days for the essence of the learning to be transmitted from teacher to student. The degrees not only indicate levels of skill but also reflect the number of initiations that you will have received. Hands-on initiations are the physical manifestation of a process that enables you to work with Reiki.

Generally one receives four initiations during each level. In my own class, you will receive five, as we work through a complete Lunar Cycle during each course. For the present time, I propose courses for teaching the first two Reiki Degrees.

Are these courses like other Reiki courses?
Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that you will learn the core training that constitutes the internationally recognized Reiki First and Second Degrees. I have however waited some years before teaching, as I have been developing my own approach and perfecting a selection of techniques that I now feel called to transmit to others. For this reason, I do not propose weekend courses, rather what I term Lunar Reiki.

Lunar Reiki training
Lunar Reiki takes place on one day of each week, over the 29-day Lunar Cycle. There are three reasons for this. First, this builds in time for integration of the Reiki energy. Taking a weekend Reiki course can be quite overwhelming. Whilst this intensity can be agreeable, I feel called to run things over an extended period. Second, this allows more time for homework and practice. Finally, I am a firm believer in the natural cycles, so to begin on either a full moon or a new moon is to be aware of where we begin the journey, the process of letting go of our preconceptions and the building up of a new energy inside. Working with the lunar cycle is a way of following the natural rhythms and developing a sense of Divine Timing, which I find inherent and beneficial in the practice of Reiki. As with all recognized Reiki training, you will receive a Reiki Manual for each level. This will be a reference tool, containing aspects of history, of technique, and a full bibliography to support your Reiki training.

Can I sign up for Reiki 1 alone?
Whilst there is no inherent obligation to follow the first Reiki degree with the Second degree, I have decided only to take students who wish to commit to the full process. Since the Second Reiki degree teaches some very advanced techniques, I believe they should be taught after the First Degree, at a six-month interval. First, this allows time for the initial process of self-healing to begin. Second, the “healing at distance” aspect of the Second Reiki Degree seems to me to be so inherent in the nature of Reiki, that rather than seeing distance healing as an “add-on”, I believe the hands-on work is more a local application of the distance process. As such, I believe it is appropriate to take the Second level, in continuity.

Can I take Reiki 2 on its own?
Even if you have already taken your Reiki 1 with another Reiki Master, I would ask you kindly to begin afresh and take both parts of the training with myself. The reason is twofold. First, in addition to the traditional material, there will be more advanced aspects brought in from the outset. As such, the Reiki Second Degree follows on directly from my teaching of Reiki First Degree. Second, I have written the two courses to fit together, hand in glove. There is quite simply more in this training than you will normally find in traditional Reiki degrees.

Signing up for Reiki training
Reiki training is something that should be approached by both Teacher and Student. It is important that we can exchange, talk about the program, and make sure that we are suited to work together. In this way, it will be a pleasure for both. For this reason, I invite you to contact me via the form at the bottom of this page so that we can arrange to meet and discuss your training. I look forward to hearing from you.

Once we have decided to proceed and have arranged dates, please send your deposit of £50 as confirmation, via the Paypal link below. The remaining course fees can then be paid in full via the secure PayPal links below. Following your £50 deposit (non-refundable) the full Reiki I and Reiki II course fee is £700 for full payment or £800 for 5 monthly payments of £160, via a PayPal payment plan link below.

During each course, you will receive your fully illustrated and spiral bound Reiki Manual. On completion of each degree, you will receive a signed certificate, along with your lineage within the Reiki tree.

Testimonials for Lunar Reiki
The universe smiled on me when I was introduced to Peter. I had been looking for some time for a deep immersive Reiki training — and most importantly the right Reiki Master to learn from.  He turned out to be all that I could have wished for: intelligent, intuitive, grounded and very knowledgable – a natural teacher.  He constructed the course around the lunar cycle and with a breadth of wisdom he passed on so much more than I could have hoped for.  I thoroughly recommend him to anyone who would like to learn to practice the Healing of Reiki or indeed have a better understanding of all aspects of Energy Healing.