Reiki is most often given directly (hands-on session) with the receiver lying clothed on a massage table. The sessions last for about one hour, and transmission is direct through a light imposition of hands. Reiki is, however, also able to transmit energy through space and time. Whilst modern medicine does not believe that this is possible, a spiritual approach to healing takes a somewhat more flexible view of nature. In my own view, what physicists are currently learning – both about time and about the deeper nature of the universe – will one day explain to rationally minded people how Reiki can indeed flow through time and space without difficulty. Having practiced a great deal of distance healing with humans and with horses over the years I know from first-hand just how powerful this modality is. There are thus two kinds of Reiki treatments: Hands-on and Distance.

What is a Reiki hands-on session?
In a Reiki hands-on session, I will work with you at your home. Following a discussion about the reasons for your session and the setting of an intention, you will generally lie down on a therapy table which I provide. Having received your permission to begin the treatment, I will carry out your session by placing my hands lightly on a series of positions from your head down to your feet. We will generally begin with you lying on your back, you will then turn over, and I will continue the treatment on your back. The session lasts about one hour. Once the session is over, I suggest drinking some pure water, rest, meditation, take it easy, or sleep.

What is a Reiki distance session?
One of the most beautiful aspects of Reiki is that it also works over distance and through time. The distance treatment is extremely powerful and for this, we arrange your appointment at a time when you can lie down and feel at ease prior to the treatment. This is why it is a good idea for us to agree in advance on a time for Reiki transmission. Disconnect the phone, switch off the TV, radio and bright lights. Give yourself some minutes of peace. In a distance healing, you will generally feel the Reiki coming in, though the exact feeling is unique to each individual. Just lie down somewhere nice with a blanket or whatever makes you feel comfortable, and then let go.

The distance session usually lasts about 35 minutes and comprises three different periods. The first period is preparation and opening. I use meditation and self-Reiki prior to sending. Reiki is sent in the second period. In the third period, I return to meditation and close the session. Once the agreed time is over, I suggest rest, meditation, drink some water, take it easy, or sleep.

Should I choose Hands-on or Distance?
Hands-on is great if you have time available to consecrate to a home visit. If you are in pain, living far away, or have a tight schedule, Distance-Reiki is ideal. I am very responsive and can get healing to you rapidly, evening or week-end. It is important to understand that although I am not physically present in the room with you during your distance session, Distance-Reiki is not a “lesser form” of Reiki. On the contrary, whilst hands-on flows directly into your body, Distance Reiki flows through all the layers of your aura or energy-body. As I see it, Hands-on Reiki is a variant of Distance Reiki when effectively, healer and client are in close proximity.

How many sessions might I need?
Sessions can be one-off, or in a series. I offer a short series of 2 sessions on consecutive days or a series of 4 sessions over a week. More sessions will then be agreed upon, depending on how you are feeling, and whether you feel more Reiki is appropriate. For chronic or long-standing conditions longer sequences over a period of several months can be helpful. For this, you should consult me directly. Please remember that Reiki is not a substitute for professional medical aid, and for any medical condition you should always first consult your GP. Reiki can, however, be safely used alongside other therapies. For any questions please either fill out the form on the bookings page or contact me directly by email.

How do I book?
On my bookings page, you will find various options designed to suit your needs. Please fill out the enquiry form to give me an idea of what you are looking for. Once we have been in contact, we can book your appointment. You can then return to the bookings page to pay online by clicking the corresponding option. You will then be directed to a secure PayPal page where you can pay for your session. If you can’t find the right option (for example, say you would like a dozen sessions), just let me know via the enquiry form, and I will reply to you with the best approach.

What happens if I should have to cancel?
For Reiki-Distance, we simply rebook another time. I remain very flexible regarding distance work. If your session is Hands-on, any cancellation must be made at least 48hrs before the session so we can arrange another time. After 48hrs, the full session fee is charged, unless the cancellation is due to force majeure or accident.