Moving on from trauma with shamanic soul retrieval

Many kinds of trauma can cause a fragmentation of the soul. This could be an accident, an illness, or something taking place at a more psychological level. When trauma happens, the fragments leave the body in order to protect the individual. Following soul loss, a person can behave differently, they might feel numbed, losing their vitality and even their enthusiasm for life. Soul retrieval is an ancient technique practiced by Shamans and Shamanic Practitioners all over the world. The aim is to restore the missing soul parts that have left the person, following an experience, be it an illness or a traumatic event.

What is Soul-Retrieval?

Soul retrieval is a process generally carried out by a Shamanic Practitioner. This process has been developed over thousands of years, by the shamanic peoples. They understood that when someone experiences a shock or trauma, part of the person may “vanish”. They understood that this “vanishing” was not the personality, but part of their soul that withdraws. This is done to protect the person from trauma or shock. The soul quite simply fragments and a part of it retreats to another realm. In modern parlance, we call this non-ordinary reality.

If you have read about Shamanic work, you may be familiar with the three realms – the Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds. In the Shamanic worldview, the soul fragments retreat into one or more of these worlds, where they remain. Generally, soul parts are not thought to return on their own. It is for this reason that a Shaman is employed to do the “journey work” and to retrieve them for the client.

Symptoms of soul loss.

When soul parts are lost, a person might describe themselves as having lost their joy or their will to live. They might describe feelings of emptiness inside. Perhaps they have given up hope, or lost enthusiasm. They might be reluctant to socialize or be involved in relationships. They might retreat into themselves. Depression, addictions, and many other symptoms are associated with the condition of soul loss. Whilst not every situation is linked to soul loss, I believe there are many cases where this may be relevant.

Soul loss can occur in many situations: after an illness, an accident, a bereavement, the breakup of a relationship, marriage, or divorce. Once more, any situation in which the person experiences traumatic loss. This may be so painful, that part of the soul fragments and leaves. It is interesting to note that skills, knowledge, likes and other character traits can also leave with the soul part. Often someone may comment on a person who has undergone soul loss something like, – well, after the accident they were changed.

I am also aware that soul loss is relevant to animals. In my own work, with my great love of horses, I know several that have experienced soul loss. Part of my practitioner work aims at helping horses as much as people. When one considers the amount of trauma that horses and equids have suffered, for example even in considering two world wars, many millions have died in the most atrocious situations. This loss forms part of the collective soul of horses, and many carry wounds from that collective loss.

Soul retrieval as a way forward.

Whilst humans often have recourse to therapy, psychology, psychoanalysis, and other talking cures to work through issues that may be considered to be of the soul, there is one outstanding problem. If there has indeed been soul fragmentation and soul loss, it is clear that the person attending the therapy session is not whole or complete at the outset of the treatment. As such, from a shamanic perspective, the analytical work can never reach the entire person. This is one reason why soul retrieval may be considered complementary to therapeutic work. Once the person has however regained their soul parts, they can continue their work in therapy, knowing that their soul is now intact.

One part or many?

Whilst just one part of the soul may have fragmented, it is possible that there are several missing parts. Loss of a soul part can also entrain the loss of other soul parts. As such we need to explore the number of fragments missing so that we have an idea of where we are going in the process. Using energy testing, we can explore the nature of soul loss. How many fragments? Where might these fragments be located? Energy work can offer clues.

Guides and spirit helpers.

The Shamanic Practitioner does not work alone. He or she asks for the aid of their guides, and possibly the client’s guides too, depending upon the context. We all have animal guides and spirit helpers. The shaman will connect with their guides and together develop a strategy for the recovery of soul parts. In some cases, the soul parts may not wish to return. In this case, the Shaman has to use their skills to help the soul parts and encourage their return. In other cases, the parts are willing to be rescued and return with the Shaman.

When the Shaman returns from their work, the parts can be “blown” into the person, either into the head, or the heart. The Shamanic work can be done in person, or at distance.

A free consultation offered to explore the process.

Shamanic soul retrieval is a complex process, with a long history. At the same time, if the description above resonates with you at some level, you might like to explore the process via a free consultation via Zoom. You will be most welcome. The key to this work is that one has to want to do it. One has to want to recover that part or parts of oneself that one has lost. If this speaks to you, I look forward to hearing from you. We can then determine the best approach to your situation.

Training and qualifications: karmic, past life, and soul work

I have been fascinated by karmic, past life and soul work through my personal research, reading, and channeled accounts for many years. Over the past year, I have completed s series of CPD (Continued Professional Development) Training Courses to complement my training in Reiki and Kinesiology.

I now hold Diplomas from the Centre for Excellence, in working with the Akashic Records (2022); Channelling (2023), Ancestral Healing (2023)Soul-Retrieval (2023), and in Light Language, Activation & Training, from Aaron Pyne at Udemy (2021). I have taken many seminars and online training courses over the past years by the internationally renowned channels Wendy Kennedy and Nora Herold, and studied from the writings of renowned Shaman Sandra Ingerman. It was thanks to her book on Shamanic Journeying that my own Shamanic Journey began many years ago. My own inner work has inspired me to create accessible and cost-effective programs to help others.

I spent six months training in British shamanism, and then 18 months in the Shamanic Mentorship of Dakota Earth Cloud Walker.