I thank each of my clients for their testimonials regarding my holistic work with their horses, their own personal holistic sessions, and in the Karuna Reiki Circles which I have been facilitating for the past two years.

I am thrilled to share my heartfelt testimonial about the incredible impact of Dr. Peter Jeffs and his healing Reiki sessions. In the midst of my daughter’s intense exam period, she suddenly developed an infected wisdom tooth that caused severe swelling and excruciating pain. It was a distressing situation, as she couldn’t even eat properly. Desperate for a solution, I decided to try out Dr. Jeffs’ Reiki sessions.

From the very beginning, the effects were remarkable. Dr. Jeffs dedicatedly sent healing Reiki energy to my daughter in the mornings and evenings. Within a short span of time, we witnessed a significant improvement in her condition. The abscess in her tooth miraculously ruptured, relieving her from the intense discomfort, and allowing her to resume eating again. As the sessions continued, the healing process accelerated rapidly. By the second day, the improvement was evident, and by the third day, the infection had completely vanished. This was especially significant for us, as we were currently without a dentist, and the thought of the situation worsening was a constant worry.

I cannot emphasize enough how grateful we are for Dr. Jeffs’ expertise and his profound Reiki sessions. His healing energy played an instrumental role in restoring my daughter’s well-being, both physically and mentally. If you are seeking a natural and effective solution to your health concerns, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Peter Jeffs’ healing Reiki sessions.
MT (Southampton UK)

I’m really grateful to Pete who was always so kind and helpful.  My sessions have really helped my sleep and have definitely helped me feel more like myself. Thank you.
LD. (Coventry, UK)

I am truly thankful and can not recommend Pete’s distance work more highly. The support of checking in with my super sensitive mare Roxy whilst I was on holiday was so comforting for myself and for her. The regular check-ins worked brilliantly. It was an affordable way I could leave my tricky mare with a friend knowing Pete’s distance work would support her emotionally, keeping her balanced and easy to handle without having the cost of regular yard visits from Pete.
Pete checked in with Roxy and then sent a short whatsapp report every 3rd day which I always looked forward to receiving. My friend would act on the information received from Pete and would be able to offer Roxy with the relevant Oil or Flower Remedy to rebalance her. This process offered me so much reassurance that Roxy was emotionally receiving the best care possible whilst I was away. On my return Roxy was so relaxed and happy, she truly was like a different horse. The frequent check-ins allowed Roxy regular support and gave her time to process so much. My only regret was I didn’t ask Pete to check in with my two other horses. They were in a very different emotional place due to my absence which was also interesting to witness. I will definitely use Pete for holiday distance support in the future for all of my horses.
KC. (Wiltshire, UK)

What a joy to re-experience the Reiki live today. Wow… 10 min in, nose unclogged, fresh air sensation in the upper respiratory system, clearer head; better oxygenation. 15 min in, fizzy legs, blood circulating normally again in the legs. 20 min in, good flow everywhere; feeling refreshed, grounded and ready to continue packing! Thank you!
SS. (Bruxelles, Belgium)

Dear Pete,
I can’t thank you enough for all the work you’ve done with my horses this year.  The journey we’ve all been on and the progress the horses have made has been truly amazing and I look forward to what the future holds for each one of them.
KC. (Wiltshire, GB) 

Gus: A few years ago, we almost lost our Gus and what was left from this event was Gus struggling to maintain his weight during spring and fall. This fall, he had an exceptionally hard time and we contacted Peter to give Gus some extra help. Gus is usually top dog in the herd but because he wasn’t feeling well, Copper a horse that I have ‘in training’ (aka Relationship Re-Building) took his spot. During one of the first Healing Circles with Peter, maybe 10 minutes into it, Gus protected his space for the first time in at least a couple of months against Copper. He kicked out really high and made his point! Not too long thereafter, I saw Gus stretched out, lying flat in the far corner of my trail system – my horses Cash and JB stood next to him. No horse ever has laid down in that area so I got really concerned. I called Gus, and there was no response. I started running towards them, no response. When I finally got to them, I called: Gus, Gus! That’s when he sleepily lifted his head, blinking his eyes at me. I was so relieved that I told him now that I know he’s not dead… it’s ok, he can go back to sleep – and that’s what he did! I feel that Gus is mentally and emotionally in a way better spot than just a few weeks ago which is such a relief. I feel the physical part will catch up soon, he already looks better in that department as well!
PC. (Arizona, USA)

Dear Peter,  I would just like to thank you for the distance work that you did with my horse George. I was pleasantly surprised at the changes that occurred over the weeks. He went from a very nervous boy that you would have trouble catching to a confident boy that would stand his ground in the field and then walk over to you to be caught.  I would not hesitate in using you again.
JH (Andover, UK) 

Thank you Pete!
I already signed up for the 8th series! I can’t imagine NOT joining each healing circle! They have been so lovely! I wish I was better at putting into words the peaceful joy I feel by participating in your horse healing circles! You have an amazing gift!
CG. (Arizona, USA)

Burban: In the fall of 2021, I discovered a small lump on Burban, our 14-year-old Burnese Mountain Dog Cross. We went to the vet and were told that at his age surgery was not an option and he would have to be put on antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, potentially steroids and pain medication to manage. At that point, Burban was sleeping a majority of the day, had a hard time getting up, was only walking around slowly, his hips bothered him and he didn’t seem to enjoy life anymore. We were wondering whether it was the best to let him go… I looked at all our options, possible side effects as well as quality of life, and we chose to contact Peter. Burban has now been in Peter’s care for a few months. Despite that the lump has continued to grow, he has more energy than even before his diagnosis from the vet. He comes running into the house at night and is back to rolling around outside, happily shaking the dirt off this thick coat. He even trots around once in a while! The only thing we changed was signing Burban up for Peter’s Healing Circle which is giving Burban more quality of life and us more valuable time with our sweet boy!
PC, (Arizona, USA)

Pete has been working with Annie for 14 months and she is in a good place. I had noticed for a while that on bringing out the Cavesson to work Annie that her whole persona changed. My partner commented on this without me even mentioning it and he is not ‘horsey’. Annie went into herself as if trying to switch off from a feeling/association with the Cavesson. I asked Pete through his holistic approach to test this: just by the Cavesson being brought out she instantly became agitated and on it being placed on her back she went into muscle weakness! Annie was willing to try and overcome this fear/anxiety through regular distance work with Reiki. We gave Annie all the time she needed to process this and then introduced the Cavesson in the same way after a month.I did not witness this, my friend and Pete did, and Annie was accepting of it by being calm and in muscle testing stayed strong. I have written this to show how a piece of tack can help release an emotion in our horses. Such holistic work can transform a negative response into a positive one.
AF (Corsham, Wiltshire, GB).

Thank you for another wonderful Karuna Reiki Circle! What a blessing to be in the energy and transformation for another cycle! The first and final days always seem to be the most powerful yet I know that all the days in between are transformative in their own way. It may be more subtle, gradual, gentle, or not. Whatever we experience, it’s always magical.
KP. (South Carolina, USA)

Where to start when words kind of fail you?
A few weeks ago I facilitated the coming together of a distance equine holistic session between Pete, one of my clients, and her 30-year-old Mustang. His human is a very knowledgeable horse trainer and as such focused on all things tangible. The Mustang has developed cancer and although he is in some discomfort his will to keep going is evident.
After I spoke to the owner about Pete and his work with horses in the UK and told her about a talk he had given during a recent horse summit where he spoke about an experience with distance kinesiology, she agreed to give it a try. I have some limited personal experience with kinesiology, but neither one of us really knew what to expect.
Pete obviously has a way with horses, but turns out he also has a way with potentially skeptical horse owners! The way he was able to convey what and how we were going to be doing this was so clear, honest and humble that he was able to create and hold space for curiosity, openness and cooperation for the humans as well as the horse.
During the session Pete easily communicated and perfectly explained the sequence of the protocol via a voice call and all of us – horse included – could undoubtedly see and feel that a communion of energies and an exchange of information was happening. The session took about an hour, but I swear it felt like only a few minutes had gone by!
The words that come to mind when I think about what we experienced together are “surprising, grounding, powerful and beautiful. And to boot, Pete was able to determine how the owner can help her horse in a very real and tangible way.
I’m honestly blown away and would encourage anyone to open themselves to new possibilities.

CP-J. (North Carolina, USA).

Dear Pete
Had to share this with you as I did not think I would ever see this view again!

Annie was such a good girl to ride this weekend 
Thank you so much for your help in getting her here
Kindest regards

AF. (Wiltshire, GB)

I had lost all hope. I contacted Pete with four unwell horses that were unable to make any improvement with the vet or physio’s assistance. The vet had drawn a blank on one case and the other prognosis looked bleak! Pete’s name was given to me by my kinesiologist who suggested that land clearing may help to treat my horses. 
After the first few sessions of distance treatments, we began to notice a sense of calmness on the yard. One horse, in particular, would bang the door if there was any presence on the yard and would seem continuously stressed throughout the duration you were there. However, there was a sudden change overnight, and still to this day she stands quietly in her stable at peace with herself and the surroundings. The fields present a feeling of safety, tranquility, and calmness with all of the horses settled in their paddocks. The yard has become a beautifully peaceful place to be, especially in the evening.
Pete has gone on to treat the horses on an individual basis and has opened my eyes to an extremely powerful noninvasive way of releasing tension and emotion. It has also helped to re-balance my horse’s bodies on an energetic level. 
I have learned how I can help my horses become much happier and calmer with themselves and therefore improving our relationship and connection. With the quiet time set aside for your horse, when working the meridians, the release they give you is a personal reward that makes you feel fulfilled, and that you were able to help them is mind-blowing. 
There is a positive future for all four horses, after just six weeks of first meeting Pete. I would highly recommend his effective expertise and his different approach to healing.

KC. (Wiltshire, GB)

Dr. Pete Jeffs’ Fifth Karuna Reiki Horse Healing Circle was a most beautiful, sacred, profound and transformative experience for myself and my equine partner Chariots of Fire. We joined each circle in energetic connection with all others in the circle and felt the love and light that Dr. Pete brought in through his Reiki connection and his heart-centered love and light connection to galactic beings of light and the Horses of Light. His transmissions were deeply moving and Chariots and I are deeply grateful for the messages he shared through these transmissions. Chariots is the Shaman of the Epala herd and I witnessed his elevation in connection to spirit in the work he does with my equine facilitated coaching clients while he was part of Dr. Pete’s healing circle, including his offering of sacred geometry configurations and symbology. The Reiki has flowed beautifully through the sessions that Chariot’s has co-facilitated with me. I invite all who walk in the love and the light with their horses or those who are ready to move into the deep transformational healing the lights the way to ascension to join Dr. Pete as he continues his offering of the Reiki Horse Healing Circle. 
JL, (Wisconsin, USA).

I have absolutely loved the Fifth Horse Healing Circle. I actually feel that during the Circle, I am wrapped in some kind of protective Cape, as we move through the seven weeks of healings that Peter offers. At the end of the seven weeks, I confess to feeling a sense of sadness that we have reached the end of the Healing Circle! The good news is always to look forward to the next one! The healings with the Horses of Light are very special indeed, and I recommend them. It is amazing that we can join this beautiful circle for only £25, which offers us three healings each week, for nearly two months. Very grateful, and can’t wait for 1st August, for the Sixth Horse Healing Circle. I shall be there! 
TM. (London, GB)

Following a period of tiredness and general fatigue, I wanted to book a kinesiology session with Peter Jeffs. Since he works in Somerset and I was not able to have a personal consultation, he suggested I send a hair sample which he could test directly. He was able to determine that I was lacking two specific groups of vitamins. He recommended appropriate supplements and within days of taking them I regained my energy. I am very grateful for his work and impressed by the power of kinesiology.
MT. (London, GB)

In response to my seminar ” Wellness for horses with kinesiology” (2018):
Hi, I truly cannot thank you enough [for your seminar]. Seriously. What you do is life-changing for animals and for humans! […] I am so glad I happened upon one of your summits. Your guest was focusing on “Wellness for horses with kinesiology” and it truly got to my heart and soul. You’re all just amazing [at the Animal Wellness Summit]. And you’ve saved my life with this priceless info. […] I can’t thank you enough. I only hope you continue to educate us all.

Anonymous seminar attendee (North America)

Pete started helping me out with the ponies at Christmas (2017) when we were away on holiday. Having come from a traditional horsey background, my learning with my herd has been to get out of the saddle, onto the ground and listen and create a gentle space for all to communicate and listen. I wanted to find someone to help me that was not from a horsey background but just loved horses and ponies. And Pete is this person. His love for all horses and ponies is profound and integral and he listens and moves around the herd with ease, respect and kindness and he is open to their needs. He highlights the damage that can be done when you have been taught a certain way and how much I had to unwind to get to where I am today. And I thank my teachers for that: the ponies. 
He has brought his tools to the table too, practicing his Kinesiology with fantastic results and also sharing his Reiki healing with those in need of some extra healing light. His tools were an exceptional addition to Lightening’s recovery earlier this year, who was suffering greatly from Laminitis. For anyone looking for a deeper connection to their horse or pony or in need of some support and reassurance with the health of your animal, Pete’s calm and kind nature makes him the man to call on along with his expertise and knowledge in many healing techniques. 
It has been fascinating for me to watch his relationships grow with the herd and watch the herds interaction with him. Being in a different stage of life than Pete right now, it is great to have him around to remind me of what I am here to do and of what I have and am creating. It has made me appreciate that we all have amazing gifts to share and that each one brings something different forward.
By having someone like Pete looking after the ponies two days a week, it allows me to do my ‘day to day jobs and family commitments’ with ease as I know the ponies are being loved and creating a bond of trust. Something key to ALL relationships. I am then recharged to go and do my thing with the ponies when he is not here. All in all, it is a win, win and I am grateful for everything he brings to the yard.
I highly recommend him as a horse/pony/owner/therapist/healer/friend.

NC. (Somerset, GB) 

Peter has a remarkable ability to tackle chronic health issues from a fresh and totally holistic viewpoint. Using his advanced in-depth understanding of Applied Kinesiology, extraordinary abilities as a healer and his selfless dedication he brings about excellent results time and time again. It is beyond my ability to give justice in a few words to Peter’s Reiki distance sessions. The strength of his healing energy is almost tangible from the moment it starts to when it ends and is given with such a pure heart and intention leaving you feeling fully supported, energized and on a path to recovery. I wouldn’t hesitate to approach Peter for any health issues and cannot recommend him enough.
CB. (Somerset, GB)

I am writing to thank you for your help over the last year. You have tailored your kinesiology treatment to what is needed every session and your willingness to test homoeopathic remedies I’ve brought along using muscle testing and other methods to hone down to the remedy needed has been invaluable to me as a Homeopath. I feel better balanced on every level since coming to see you. I really feel you are a special practitioner with your attention to detail and the way you practice intuitively. With many thanks.
CA. (Somerset, GB)

My horse Dini is so full of confidence again in his body. Thank you. I think he felt met and seen by you in a way that he has really responded to. You have made a real difference for him.
BB. (Somerset, GB)

Just finished a four-day healing experience with Peter Jeffs and can honestly say it was extraordinary. I am not merely talking about my physical well-being, but my heart, mind and spirit as well. I can’t get over how powerful my dreams were during our healing experience together. Clear messages that helped me make choices in my healing regimen. Increases in my energy and creativity seemed an all-time high. It was so lovely to have him as my co-creative partner in this healing process. I was surprised how powerful not feeling alone in this experience turned out to be. I cannot recommend Peter enough. His feedback is like walking with a great shamanic healer of old. Just amazing.
LN. (Colorado, USA)

Peter’s Reiki Practice has been a tremendous support and source of inspiration and healing.
KS. (Tacoma, Washington, USA)

I met Peter Jeffs though a shared devotion to meditation and dharma studies. When I mentioned my chronic health condition, he offered to send me Reiki energy from ‘across the pond’… I live in Texas, U.S.A.
I have a rare congenital spinal condition which is inoperable and unresolvable with conventional medical practices. I have been fortunate that throughout my life, I have avoided some of the most painful and debilitating side effects of this condition. However, at 62, the nerve and spinal fluid cysts which rest in my sacrum have begun to affect my entire nervous system and erode the bones in this area. 
My surgeons recently tried to implant a spinal stimulating device at the major site of nerve/ bone pain which was unsuccessful and left me in a more disabled condition. After this surgery, my doctors informed me that their goal was simply to manage the symptoms and make me as comfortable as possible. The medications that I am prescribed, as the Doctor’s best experience can provide, have undesirable side effects as well.
Peter began our sessions with Reiki energy, working through the different time zones. I immediately felt a relief from bone pain, which has been long-lasting. The nerve pain has become more manageable and I have been able to reduce my medications for pain by half, while at the same time increasing my activity level. I have even been able to resume my qigong practice and artwork. 
As Peter continues his Reiki work, I remain continually surprised at my daily improvement. The entire experience of receiving his generous and healing energy has enlivened my entire physical and psychological being. It is difficult to express my gratitude and joy at his most effective/positive influence. I humbly hope that those in need, wherever they live, will seek and accept Peter’s aid and comfort through his Reiki practice.
AB. (Austin, Texas, USA)

I’ve been receiving Reiki from Peter’s Reiki Practice for several months. I cannot even begin to describe the energy I’ve received from his generous treatments. More than the energy I’ve felt more whole and balanced. Some days I just feel like jumping… I feel so good. We are all involved in our own healing and using Reiki as a means of boosting my own ability to heal myself has been hugely beneficial to me. He is gentle and focused on his craft. He clearly takes real pride and joy in his practice, which makes receiving treatments from him a joy, in and of themselves. I cannot recommend him enough.
NV. (Denver, Colorado, USA)

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