Times are stressful for many of us, right now. Building regular self-care into our daily lives can be a game changer. In this regard, I enjoyed a very insightful discussion earlier in the month with Adam Pickford. Adam is Co-Founder & Director of the Human Resources consultancy Highlight People. We were talking about an intense period of activity for my own practice. Adam drew me a diagram of the journey from feeling energized to a state of exhaustion.

From energized to exhaustion

Starting out at the lower right, we are energized and ready for action. As we work, we use up our energy. We then have a choice. Either we can take some regular time for refreshment, so easily returning to our energized state. Or we can ignore our need for rest and push ourselves across the diagram to the point of fatigue (upper left).

Once we reach a place of fatigue, we again have a choice. Either we ignore how we feel, or we take a more consequent rest. If we give ourselves some real rest and relaxation, we feel refreshed and can then return to the energized state. If we ignore our fatigue, we can end up becoming exhausted. In business parlance, this is often called burnout. Burnout is when we are no longer able to return to the energized state.

As long as we move between the energized and refreshed states, we remain on the right-hand side of the diagram. We remain in a positive place. Once we cross the centerline, however, we move into the area of fatigue. If we take rapid remedial action we resource ourselves and move back to the right-hand side. Interestingly, one cannot move directly from the exhausted state back to energized.

The Healing Circle

I believe there is an interesting application here for the Healing Circle that I run. In the diagram, the Healing Circle situates on the right-hand side.

In the Healing Circle, we meet three times each week for a distance Reiki session. The Circles last 20-25 minutes and are always held at 17h BST/GMT, so they are easy to remember. These represent a moment of “refreshment”. Taking these “pauses”, no matter how busy one is, enables us to replenish. We build a little more rest into our week. We offer a little more care to our inner selves. We bring a little more resilience into our lives.

The Healing Circle fits naturally into the blue side of the diagram. The Healing Circle could even be helpful for human resource managers who are working with staff under constant stress and strain.

The Healing Circles belong to my Affordable Healing offer. You can reserve a place for a donation of just £25. This offers each person between 15 and 23 Reiki distance sessions, according to the season.

If you would like to find out more about the Healing Circles, please visit my Healing Circle page, or click on the image below. I will be delighted to give you more information. Our next Healing Circle begins on Sunday 30th October.


The Highlight People consultancy offers services in Leadership, Development, Team Building, HR Consulting, Human Resources (HR), and Change Management. If you would like to contact Adam Pickford directly, you can reach him at Highlightpeople.com.

Dr. Peter Jeffs is a Karuna Reiki Master Practitioner, and Systematic kinesiologist. He practices through home visits, through distant energy work, and is experienced in running Healing Circles for both humans and animals.

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