Weight is a challenge for many of us. The subject is addressed by hundreds of books, online and offline programs, with diet plans by dieticians, fitness gurus, and wellness experts. The number of “solutions” and “miracle” plans out there is vast.

I have been through several diet plans myself… I confess, unsuccessfully! I have also spent considerable sums on some of those books and some of those plans, trying to bring my own weight down. After a period of considerable frustration with one particular “fitness guru” who touted an approach but would not tell us what it actually was until we bought into his program, I decided to sit down and then apply my own knowledge of kinesiology, inspired by the holistic work I have been doing over the past years with the horses.

The result of this personal work has been to put together a program, which, to my delight, has enabled me to shed 11 kilos (25 lbs) in seven weeks. Since I first wrote these lines, I continue with this process which has been extremely gentle and has transformed my life in a simple but powerful and affirming way

I believe that this approach can help others, and so I am now working with people who have been through the same struggles, the deceptions of diet plans, and who want more than ever, to finally shed some of those extra kilos.

Before we go any further, I do not believe there is any miracle plan for losing weight.

Having explored various approaches over the past five years, however, I have seen the kind of stumbling blocks that I myself faced. Finally, I have found a way to overcome them.

With kinesiology we always work with balance, and we can apply this approach to our weight too. In the most simplistic sense, our weight is the product of two things: how much of our food we burn as energy, and how much of it we stock as fat or muscle. If we burn more than we stock, we lose weight. If we are stocking more than we burn, then we gain. Diets that restrict calories will give our body less to stock. And exercise plans which involve powerful work-outs at the gym certainly encourage our bodies to burn more calories. But if our basic system is out of equilibrium, and our body is actually predisposed to stocking fats, what happens? What if our ability to metabolize is severely compromised? In this case, no matter what we do, our bodies are going in the opposite direction that we would like, and we will stock fats, ad infinitum.

I have discovered a way in which we can help our bodies back to equilibrium, and this is a relatively simple thing. I will teach you a method in this program. It is simple, straight-forward, does not involve workouts, and does not revolve around complex lists of things to avoid or banish from your diet. Of course, there is dietary work too, and this process of finding equilibrium is clearly going to be more challenging if one regularly dips deep-fries into the mayo! Please read on…

Allow me now to talk a little about how we are going to work together. There are ten aspects to the work I propose and I will discuss each of these below. These are:

• Commitment
• Constancy
• Food diary
• Food tweaks

• Water intake
• Meridian work
• Fasting
• Check-ins
• Expectations

Commitment: It is clear that this approach takes focus and we must take action steps to get back into balance with our bodies. It is thus important to make a commitment to ourselves that we are going to take on board this process and apply it, as best we can.

Constancy: linked to commitment is our constancy. In other words, if we decide to adopt a regime, a series of behaviors, it is important to keep them going. Drinking a litre and a half of pure water one day, and then none at all for the next three is not going to take us forward in a consistent way.

Food-diary: an important part of this process is the food-diary, which allows us to see what we are eating, and how much water we are drinking, and gives us an idea of our actual intake. We will use your food-diary in our online sessions so it is an important part of the process.

Food-tweaks: I do not believe in the elimination of specific foods. We eat things we like, even if they do not support us. It is in our nature. What we can all do, however, is to moderate, or modulate, how much of those we eat. So, if you adore french-fries three times a week, I will propose reducing them to say twice, or once. In this way, we can reduce certain key foods, without going through the pain of elimination. It is clear that each simple reduction will take us in the right direction. It may be that one ends up letting go of certain foods altogether. If that happens, we let it happen naturally. There is no forcing. When we force, the body only rebels and forces itself back in some other way.

Supplements: I personally take a number of supplements, and using kinesiology, we can assess which supplements may be helpful. This is done on an individual basis. Our work does not use any kind of “fat-burning” supplement as proposed by certain weight-loss gurus.

Water intake: most of us are dehydrated. We can work out what is your optimum hydration via our sessions, and then we can build a habit around this, to drink small glasses of water at room temperature, throughout the day. A simple practice and very important.

Meridian work: my work with horses has shown me how powerful are the modifications that we can bring through working with the Meridians. These are energy channels defined in Traditional Chinese Medicine. I use the meridians in all my holistic work. In this program, we will be working with several meridians and I will teach you how to use these points in a simple way so that you can carry out your own balancing each day.

Fasting: if one eats every few hours, the body will use sugars in the blood for energy, and fats may be stored. If however, one incorporates a “fast” into one’s daily routine, the body first burns through the sugars that are readily available, and then after about 12h, we begin to obtain energy from our fat stores. This is known as ketosis, and full ketosis takes place after about 18 hours. We will not be using prolonged fasting, but we will incorporate an adjustment into mealtimes, to favor the burning of stored fats.

Check-ins: As I mentioned above this is not a diet, but a series of consultations, that will take place online, once each week. These will allow us to check-in, look at the food plan, assess the meridian balance, and see how things are moving forwards. In addition to a one-hour weekly session, I will also propose a 10-minute check-in twice a week, so that we can work specifically with your meridians.

Expectations: my experience is that we can all find our ideal weight balance. Some may lose faster, others slower, but by working with our bodies, rather than against them, we can achieve solid results. Our bodies are incredible for their subtlety. In this approach, we will work together to achieve a lasting form, one which suits your lifestyle, and enables you to live more in equilibrium with yourself.

As you can see from the above that this program involves many levels. I have found that there is no miracle for this kind of process, one has to accept that all these things are related. When we do, however, and we make tweaks to our diet, our hydration, and we work to better balance our bodies with the meridians, amazing things can happen. This work also takes time. Our first session will set the scene for the work to come, and we can begin to make the necessary changes and adjustments.

This program will need some time and six weeks is a very suitable period of time to facilitate profound change. If you wish to continue, extra months can be booked. My aim here is to offer flexibility. As you will see below there are two plans, with a special introductory offer price of £270 which covers the entire six weeks. A second option enables two monthly payments of £145 if this feels more appropriate. The single payment option offers a £20 reduction in the overall price.

Before registering, I would first like to discuss the project with you. Once we are agreed to go ahead, you can order via the PayPal link below. As mentioned above, places will initially be available for an introductory price of £270 – covering six weeks of sessions – or two installments of £145 (total £290), if you prefer to split the payment over two months.

This work is truly personalized to your specific needs, with a single 40-minute in-person session per week, plus two short weekly check-ins, to ensure that the meridian work is holding. This is not a one-plan-fits-all program, but a highly tailored approach, specific to your individual needs, your diet, and your situation. We will bring in nutrition, energy work, and whatever is appropriate since each of us has our personal relationship with both our weight and with our food in general.

This bespoke approach offers amazing value and a unique opportunity to help you get to where you would like to be, weight-wise. Certainly, this work has achieved this for me, and I am now delighted to make this approach available to others, too.

Following completion of the six-week program an extra four weeks can be booked, should they be desired.


For this first testimonial, I would like to preface by saying that Weight-Balancing can be for both weight loss and weight gain. Here, the body decides what is needed and the meridians provide ample resources to help us achieve our optimum weight. In this case, my client was facing extreme weight loss and wanted to gain weight. Here, we used the same approach, but with different meridian points, to re-equilibrate her energy system in favour of increased appetite. She was faced with a doctor who told her that she would be put on tube feed if her weight did not rapidly increase following surgery and other medical procedures. Here, we worked to re-equilibrate the meridian balance so that her desire to eat returned naturally. No diet. No pills. Nothing but rebalancing through the process I have outlined above. I am very grateful for my client’s trust in her own body, and her own ability to rebalance her weight, simply with the right holistic balancing. In my own journey, I lost 11kg (25lbs) in just over 7 weeks, using this program with neither dieting nor a strenuous exercise regime. I have simply followed the balancing procedure I outlined above.

I had surgery for mouth cancer in February 2022, followed by 6 weeks of radiotherapy. During this process, eating became difficult and I had a diet of soup and Fortisips (protein drinks). I began to lose weight and lost my appetite and was worried that I would be forced to have a feeding tube. Straight after my radiotherapy finished I had a kinesiology session with Pete Jeffs, via Zoom. I asked if he could help me with my appetite in any way. Over my session, he showed me 3 specific areas to tap gently on my body to stimulate my appetite. Later that afternoon I actually felt like eating! I had a small chopped salad and some boiled eggs. Not much, but I started to feel like eating. Amazing! So over the past couple of weeks, with tapping these specific areas, I have slowly started to eat and enjoyed it and begun to put on weight, with my appetite returning. At my oncologist review, my Doctor was really happy with my progress, and I was delighted. I highly recommend Pete’s work as a kinesiologist. It is gentle, holistic and I found quite remarkable in its effectiveness. 
DR, Coventry, UK.