Weight and weight-loss plans

Weight is clearly a challenge for many of us. The subject is addressed by hundreds of books. Dozens of online and offline programs. Diet plans by dieticians, fitness gurus, and wellness experts. The number of “solutions” and “miracle” plans out there is vast.

On this page, you will discover what Holistic-weight balancing is. You will gain access to a free 20-page Holistic Weight-Balancing e-book. You will be able to book a free Zoom meeting with me to see how I can best help you. And finally, there are payment links via PayPal for securely booking your place.

The difference between diet plans and holistic

I have been through several diet plans myself without success. I have also spent considerable sums on some of those books and plans, trying to bring my own weight down. Following frustration with one “fitness guru” I decided I would have to solve the problem myself. That program actually depended on fat-burning supplements and as such did not look at the causes for my own weight gain. I therefore decided to sit down and apply my knowledge of kinesiology and the Five Elements. Inspired by the holistic work I have been doing for years with the horses, I sought a different solution. The result of my personal work has been to put together a program. I call this weight-balancing.

To my delight, I have now shed 24 kilos (over 52 lbs) in four months. I continue with this process. It has been extremely gentle. It has transformed my life in a simple but powerful and affirming way. I believe that this approach can help you.

I am now working with others who have been through the same struggles. Some are deceived by diet plans. Some desire to shed those extra pounds or kilos more than ever

Taking a different approach – a holistic approach

Before we go any further, I do not believe there is any miracle plan for losing weight. I faced many stumbling blocks as I explored various approaches over the past five years. Happily, there exists a holistic path to overcome them. It follows that we can apply this approach to our weight too. 

In kinesiology, we always work with balance. 

In simple terms, our weight is the product of a balance between
• How much of our food we burn as energy. 
• How much of it we stock as fat or muscle. 
If we burn more than we store, we lose weight. If we store more than we burn, then we gain weight. 

Diets that restrict calories certainly give our body less to stock. Exercise plans with workouts at the gym encourage our bodies to burn more calories. When the body has less food it will often try to store more fat. And what if our body is actually predisposed to storing fats? In this case, what happens? What if our ability to metabolize is also compromised? In this situation, no matter what we do, our fat reserves will increase. Our bodies are going in the opposite direction than we desire. We will store fats, ad infinitum.

The Weight-Balancing Program

With the Weight-Balancing Program, we help our bodies back to equilibrium. This is a relatively simple thing. I teach you a method in this program. It is simple and straightforward. It does not involve workouts. It does not demand complex lists of foods to avoid or banish from your diet. Of course, there is dietary work too. And the process of finding equilibrium is clearly going to be more challenging if one regularly dips deep fries in the Mayo!

There are many different aspects to the work I propose. These are discussed at length in the free e-Book that you can download below. These are:

Commitment; Constancy; Change; Food diary; Food tweaks; Supplements; Water intake; Meridian work; Fasting; Exercise; Check-ins; Expectations; Exploration; Goals.

As you can see the program works on many levels. There is no miracle for this kind of process, everything is related. But if we combine gentle exercise, with reflection on both our diet and the times of our meals, improve our hydration, and work to balance our bodies with the meridians, amazing things can happen.

Length and program content

This program does take time. Six weeks is a suitable period, however, to facilitate profound change. If you wish to take longer, extra months can be booked. This work is truly adapted to your specific situation. 

The program is based on a single 40-minute in-person session per week, along with two short weekly check-ins, to ensure that the meridian work is holding. This is not a one-plan-fits-all program, but a highly tailored approach. It is specific to your individual needs: your diet, and your situation.

We bring in nutrition, energy work, and whatever is appropriate. Each of us has our personal relationship with both our weight and with our food in general.


There are two price options. The introductory offer price of £270 covers the entire six weeks. A payment plan enables two monthly payments of £145 if this feels more comfortable. The single payment offers a £20 reduction in the overall price.
Extra months can be booked for £180 as required.

Before registering, I would like to meet you and discuss the project together. I offer free Zoom consultations twice a week, and I invite you to book a free session. I have two slots for consultation, Mondays and Tuesdays from 16h00 BST.
Zoom booking: https://calendly.com/peterjeffsholistic

Once we decide to go ahead, you can order via the PayPal link below.

Book a free 30 minute Zoom consultation

To discuss the program with me, please book your free Zoom session here:

A personal program

This bespoke approach offers amazing value and a unique opportunity. It will help you get to where you would like to be, weight-wise. Certainly, this work has achieved this for me and others too. Please book a Zoom call to discuss the program. As you will see, this is simple, flexible, and opens a path to achieving your ideal weight balance.

A full introduction for you in the Holistic Weight-Balancing e-Book

To receive a copy of my free e-Book about the program, which contains much more information, please click on the image below. When you join our mailing list, you will receive a link to download the free e-Book.

Booking and payments

Below are the booking tabs for the weight balancing progame (6 weeks), the payment plan and the four week extension.

Following completion of the six-week program an extra four weeks can be booked, should they be desired.

If you have questions please contact me via the Contact Page.


I wanted to lose weight so my daughter put me in touch with Dr Pete Jeffs. On 19th January 2023, I started a course of tapping certain parts of my body with the intention of losing 1 stone 4 pounds. This process made me feel less hungry cutting out snacks. My last meal was 6 pm and I didn’t need to eat again until 12 or 12.30  the following day. This is something I never thought I’d be able to do! The only food I cut down on was potatoes and bread, otherwise, my normal meals continued. By Easter, I had met my goal and felt so much better in myself.  At the moment I tap once a day to maintain my weight but once stable I will only need to tap to adjust my weight if necessary. I would highly recommend this easy-to-follow weight-balancing program for long-term weight control.
WC Wiltshire, GB.

“I’ve known Peter for about two years now and whenever we meet Peter will talk about his holistic work, explaining the techniques and practices he uses, and answering all my questions on the subject. Peter speaks with such knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm about his chosen field that I’ve always found our talks fascinating, so it was of great interest to me when Peter said he was applying his holistic knowledge on himself to lose weight. I was away on business for three months and on my return had just parked my car when I noticed this gentleman walking towards me. There was something familiar about him but I didn’t recognize who it was and then I did a double-take when I suddenly realised it was Peter! I was absolutely astonished at his transformation from when I last saw him. He had lost so much weight in such a short period of time yet he looked so healthy, and from the way he spoke so positively about the process and results I could also tell he had even more energy about him. Amazing.”
MP, Wiltshire, GB.

Pete has been treating my horses now for nearly two years with amazing results. When he told me about his weight-balancing program I was very intrigued. A month later when I saw how much weight Pete had lost, my husband and I decided to join his program. We joined Pete’s four-week program just before our holiday. In four weeks we lost 18 pounds between us. The program of tapping twice a day was easy to follow. The fasting was also easy as the tapping stopped you from feeling hungry, we also experienced no cravings and have seen financial savings in the amount of food we were now buying. The weight loss has been steady and well balanced making it easy to maintain. Now my program is over, I have the tools to reset my body’s weight set point so I can increase or decrease my body weight depending on the time of year. Pete’s regular zoom meetings for updates have been a great support. I would highly recommend this easy weight balancing program as it actually works.
K&J, Wiltshire, GB

Whilst it is unusual to write a testimonial for oneself, in this case, I feel justified. With my own weight-balancing program, that I have, in three months, now lost 15kg, (33lbs, 2.4stones). I devised this program having reached 110kg to my horror, and knew that I had to do something. Having taken the a certain program by a famous self-development company two years ago, I managed to lose a few kilos, but these all came back. That course alone cost me nearly £1000. Whilst I learned much from their program, I encountered many issues. And I did not lose weight. Particularly the diet plans and the need to give up almost everything I eat. I am coming from the place of someone who cooks their own food. Using healthy natural ingredients, I did not have to cut out regular pizzas, milks-shakes, sodas, and so on. Another “fitness guru”, I said that we cannot control our “fat-storing hormones”. He tried to sell me a range of metabolic stimulants, fat-burners and no end of “hacks” to help me lose my extra kilos. I could not find out what was in any of the supplements. The idea of using a form of chemical medicine on my body was out. This goes against all we practice with kinesiology. It was in fact the horses that showed me the way forward. Years of gentle work with the Meridians, brought me to work with my own energy. I understood that when I approached my body in the right way, I could actually do what I had learned was not possible. I discovered through my own life how my metabolism had slowed and slowed. And that at the same time, my body’s capacity to convert sugars to fat, had increased. I realized that my body had become a very efficient machine for making fat. To turn this around I had to work with my own meridians. And re-program, in essence, the way in which I stock fat, and the way in which I burn fat. I now have a metabolism running higher, without taking any stimulants. And I have reduced my body’s capacity to stock excess fat. Again, without using fat-burning supplements. No one is more surprised than myself by this process. It is is simple. Based on talking to our bodies through the therapeutic touch of our meridians. There is a lot in this program. For £270 for a six-week course, the program is inexpensive, given the prices many charge for this kind of work. The program is tailored to your individual need. These may be different depending on your age, sex, and lifestyle. I am now moving towards 90kg (loss 20kg) and then down to 86kg. I am serene in this process, and know this will happen. The other day I put on a pair of Cargo Shorts I have not worn in 20 years. An awesome moment. Writing a testimonial for one’s own work thus feels justified. I have intimate experience of the program. It has been and is a resounding success for myself. I hope that you will join, and balance your weight. May you find the joy and lightness of putting those extra kilos down. And reaching a weight that supports you, and your lifestyle. This has been a game-changer for myself. I believe it will be for you too.
PJ, Wiltshire, GB.

For this testimonial, I would like to preface by saying that Weight-Balancing can be for both weight loss and weight gain. Here, the body decides what is needed and the meridians provide ample resources to help us achieve our optimum weight. In this case, my client was facing extreme weight loss and wanted to gain weight. Here, we used the same approach, but with different meridian points, to re-equilibrate her energy system in favour of increased appetite. She was faced with a doctor who told her that she would be put on a tube feed if her weight did not rapidly increase following surgery and other medical procedures. Here, we worked to re-equilibrate the meridian balance so that her desire to eat returned naturally. No diet. No pills. Nothing but rebalancing through the process I have outlined above. I am very grateful for my client’s trust in her own body, and her own ability to rebalance her weight, simply with the right holistic balancing. In my own journey, I lost 11kg (25lbs) in just over 7 weeks, using this program with neither dieting nor a strenuous exercise regime. I have simply followed the balancing procedure I outlined above.

I had surgery for mouth cancer in February 2022, followed by 6 weeks of radiotherapy. During this process, eating became difficult and I had a diet of soup and Fortisips (protein drinks). I began to lose weight and lost my appetite and was worried that I would be forced to have a feeding tube. Straight after my radiotherapy finished I had a kinesiology session with Pete Jeffs, via Zoom. I asked if he could help me with my appetite in any way. Over my session, he showed me 3 specific areas to tap gently on my body to stimulate my appetite. Later that afternoon I actually felt like eating! I had a small chopped salad and some boiled eggs. Not much, but I started to feel like eating. Amazing! So over the past couple of weeks, with tapping these specific areas, I have slowly started to eat and enjoyed it and begun to put on weight, with my appetite returning. At my oncologist review, my Doctor was really happy with my progress, and I was delighted. I highly recommend Pete’s work as a kinesiologist. It is gentle, holistic and I found quite remarkable in its effectiveness. 
DR, Coventry, GB.