In these extremely complex times, we are all facing questions and uncertainties. The horses, with their deep and calm wisdom, are excellent guides. Having listened to them for years now, and knowing first hand the depth of their great wisdom, I feel a strong calling to share some of this.

Way of the Horse

Some years ago, the equine facilitated healer and author of Tao of Equus, Linda Kohanov, teamed up with equestrian artist Kim McElroy, to produce a book and card deck entitled Way of the Horse. This deck accompanied my own journey through some very difficult and challenging times. Given the present conjuncture, I feel the calling to propose “mini-readings” based on this deck, for any that seek guidance on a specific problem or issue.

The aim of these readings is to share Guidance from the Horses. I accompany this work with Fire-ceremony, Reiki, and a ritual for abundance.

Weekly Readings

I will be sitting every Monday night to draw cards, and perform Fire ceremony for each person who asks for a place in this circle. There will initially be 5 places available each week, as I will read for each person.

To participate, I invite a donation of £11.11 to honour your participation in the Reiki Ceremony, the Fire Ceremony, and the drawing of your card, accompanied by a short written reflection on the situation. Everyone who joins and shares their question will receive a message from the Horses through their card, as we consult their wisdom and insight. My holistic practice is committed to inclusive pricing and to affordable consultations.

If you would like to submit a question to the Horses, please join us here, adding your question either directly by email or through the PayPal form where you can add a message. I will receive your message and reply to you by email, following the ceremony.

I opened the deck this evening in reflecting upon this, I drew card 39.
How extraordinary to draw such a card!

Transformation: Rebirth / Power Reclaimed / Freedom.
On the wings of a butterfly, a vibrant multicolored horse
remembers the land of paradise.

The gift.
The rollercoaster ride of life reveals
a timeless source of peace.

The challenge.
True freedom demands relinquishing limiting patterns and beliefs.
A part of you must die to be reborn.

These cards have always offered me deep wisdom and a great depth of reflection, and so it is in the Spirit of Transformation. This reading for these Wisdom of the Horses readings feels so appropriate. I give thanks and now look forward to reading for you.

Image of Card 39: transformation.